Konad, China style!

The Chinese (in China) are fucking amazing. They can really copy EVERYTHING. I blogged about Konad awhile ago and have since been actively searching for a cheap set on eBay cos it’s so damned expensive. A friend intro-ed me to Taobao, a China version eBay where you can buy EVERYTHING from sex toys to hamsters to clothes to cars to knock-offs at low prices. Obviously I started poking around to see if there’s any China made Konad sets and hey! They have a MACHINE for it!
This baby comes together with polishes and plates, as seen below.

7 polishes (including 1 base coat, and a top coat)

And 6 plates.

I’m definitely gonna buy this one lor. It works out to be about SGD$12 including shipping. Cheap and…. ONE OF THE PLATES HAS A HELLO KITTY FACE ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks easy enough to use (video below) and I can remove the stamper bit to use it as a normal stamp. Seems like a good buy I must say.

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