The Week in Tweets

Imma lazy fucker and I really really don’t want to spend hours blogging so… I’m copying and pasting my Twitter timeline here =D

(Follow me! Follow me!)

April 02 2012, 9.05am

In the coach right now and its COMFY!

April 02 2012, 10.02am

Bus almost left without us -_-“

(Explanation: We were in the stupid people queue at customs and got held up and the bus fucking just LEFT and Le Stupido BF stood there dumbstruck WHILE A VEHICLE WAS MOVING OFF WITH OUR VALUABLES AND LUGGAGE.)

April 05 2012, 4.04pm

Being a pet owner opens up a whole new world of decisions. Do I or do I not eat this Krispy Kreme my dog just licked?

April 14 2012, 2.02am

I’m actually quite scared. I feel like I’m going into enemy camp.

(Explanation: Started work at IAH.)

April 19 2012, 12.25am

Today, I finally had someone talk to me. IMMD.

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