Breaking News: Interview with the Dog

Interview with the Dog

the silence is broken.

August 01, 2010 at 1:37pm

We asked a Dog to pull aside the shroud of secrecy and be interviewed. He initially declined but later relented and asked that his name not to be used if we shared these 10 insights with Humans for the good of all dogs.

1. My life is likely to last anywhere from 10 – 15 years. Any separation from you will be painful to me. Remember that before you buy me.

2. Give me some time to understand what you want from me.

3. Place your trust in me, it’s crucial to my well-being.

4. Don’t be angry with me for long and don’t isolate me as punishment. You have your work, your entertainment and your friends. I only have you.

5. Talk to me sometimes. I might not understand your words but I understand your voice.

6. Be aware that however you treat me, I will never be able to forget it.

7. Remember before you hit me that my teeth can break bones, but I choose not to use them on you.

8. Before you scold me for being uncooperative, obstinate or lazy, ask yourself if something might be wrong with me. Perhaps I’m not getting the right food, or I’ve been out in the sun too long, or my heart is getting older and weaker.

9. Take care of me when I get old. You’ll be old one day too.

10. Go with me on difficult journeys. Never say: “I can’t watch – it’s too painful.” Everything is easier when you are with me.

When contacted for his opinions before we published this exclusive interview, Mr Dog had a last line to add.

11. Through it all, remember that I will always love you.

And we’re at the end of one of the world’s best kept secrets – what goes on in a Dog’s mind. Interested Cats may contact us at the email address provided on your right for any potential interviews.

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