Malaysia Roadtrip!

I’m at the age where all my friends are getting married or having babies… Pokie is at the age where his friends are having babies then getting married LOL. This time around, it was Collin and his damn chio expecting wife. Where on earth does he get all these model type girls from anyway?

We all convened at Crystal’s place to fit people into cars. (The truth is, nobody is ever on time so everyone refused to meet up at the first petrol station after 2nd link cos you’ll be stranded for 2 hours.)

Plenty of smokes and McDees around while waiting…

and waiting…

And finally everyone arrived, including an unknown guest who’s a friend of the bride. Big story here lor. Poor Jack had to ferry her from her house to meeting point. And be stuck in the jam for 2 hours. And reach Malaysia customs where the stupid girl didn’t even know that PRCs need Visa to enter the country. Where got people don’t know about this kind of thing one!? Then she and Jack kena escorted back to Singapore with like a gazillion police cars and HE HAD TO GO THROUGH THE LEGENDARY JAM ALL OVER AGAIN. We all wait for him until grow mould, high tide and ran out of ciggies. Sibei sian max.

Then reach Collin’s house liao us girls kena chased away to a hotel cos the boys wanted to… play. Me and Crystal okay with this kind of things one lah, but I suspect Jay probably wanted to keep his wife away so all ladies gotta fuck off lor. Reach hotel and realised that some other asshole already checked in to the room reserved for us and there’s no other vacancies left and we went to dodgy hotel after dodgy hotel to try and find a place to put up at for the night. The first hotel/motel we went to had trash and condoms and God knows what else littered long the corridor and we could SEE sleaziness happening in the rooms. We ji tao said no way we’re staying there man. Second hotel was cleaner but when the recept brought us up to the room and opened the door, there was a couple in there having some Mr & Ms Happy Time! Wtf we 3 girls in one room what if the knn recept open our door in the middle of the night how. We spent like 1 hour looking and finally decided on one that looked relatively okay. Needless to say, we barricaded the door and didn’t leave the room until the guys came to pick us up in the morning.

Type until here I very tired liao. So pic spam ahead.


At Old Town White Coffee cos got free wifi!

Above 2 pics are after our very scary girls night in the hotel… my skin looks damn good in the 2nd pic can. No make up some more.

So after all the drama… went to a hotel for their tea ceremony. Groom’s parents damn funny la. Cos his mother is divorcee ma, so his step father and biological father both there. When posing for the family portrait, his mum stand 20 miles away from her first husband lor! The wedding power also. Have ge tai one. It was good entertainment though. Me and Brianca were betting that by the end of the wedding dinner the performer would be naked cos she kept removing clothes after each song. She ended her show in a bikini!

Last 3 pics to end the post~

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