DIY Gucci Tassel Belt

Spring 2011 collections are accessorized by tasselstasselstassels and more tassels so today’s post will teach you how to make a tassel belt with leather and a few items from the hardware store.

You’ll need:
– at least 2.5 yards of rope
– 2 pieces of leather of a similar color measuring 3.5 x 4.5 inches (we cut a purchased 3.5″ x 9″ leather piece, from Michaels, in half)
– 2 small nuts
– 2 half inch compression nuts from the hardware store
– 4 wooden beads
– a glue gun
– a ruler
– a pen
– a pair of sharp scissors

You’ll start by first cutting fringe into the leather in order to make the tassels. Draw a line 1/4″ from the edge of the length of the leather, which will serve as a guideline. Using the ruler draw parallel lines about 1/8″ apart, along the width of the leather. Carefully cut along those lines, stopping at the guideline each time.

Add any combination of beads and nuts to the end of the rope, making sure to string the large nut lastly with the opening facing out. Glue the end of the rope to upper left corner of the leather with hot glue. Tightly roll the leather along the guideline.

Close and secure the tassel with just a few drops of glue. Rotate and work the tassel into the opening of the nut; it should be a tight fit. Put a good amount of glue around the circumference of the top of the tassel, and press the wooden bead down into it.

Repeat on the other side of your rope and voila! You’ve just made a tassel belt!

(From the HonestlyWTF)

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