5 Amazing Images

Actually, that’s just what a wave looks like when it’s full of sunlight and enough seaweed to choke a sperm whale, and it’s not all that uncommon. Of course, that just means that when the tentacled monsters do decide to attack, they’ll blend right in with the seaweed until it’s too late.

 What looks like a screen cap from a CGI-heavy commercial is actually a real, not-manipulated photograph. And no, those aren’t posed ant corpses with a bottle cap hot glued to their tiny hands. It’s from a series of images that photographer Andrey Pavlov took outside his house, after studying and then making an art project out of a real live ant colony. He’s a former set designer, which allowed him to make some pretty incredible sets for the ants to interact with in the most stereotypically industrious ways possible.

 This Peanuts-themed Abbey Road cover re-creation was placed on a Japanese road to promote a new ride at Universal Studios Japan.

It turns out that with carefully controlled conditions, you can create an actual indoor cloud. Artist Berndnaut Smilde creates the clouds with a fog machine and then carefully monitors the temperature and humidity of the room to get his artificial cloud to hang there long enough to snap a picture.

You might wonder what’s so remarkable about this image until you realize that the little dot in the upper right hand corner is a guy who just did all of that with his feet. Artist Simon Beck creates these gigantic snow sculptures by walking around with snow shoes on.

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