Estee Lauder Color Your Way Workshop: Wear it Subtle or Make A Statement Blogger’s Day Out~

Was invited to not one, but two Estee Lauder workshops. The first was a preview for bloggers held in their super chio office. I attended with Claire, Ju Ann, Joanne, Huirong, Herine, Joyce and Wendy. We were made welcome with friendly staff and tasty food~

(Images from all the above bloggers!)

Obviously I can’t resist the sweets on display… damn buay-paisehly filled up a plate and scurried back to my seat =p

They laid out their new range of cosmetics all in a pretty row too.

Started the workshop by removing all our makeup, followed by patting on toners (suitable for individual skin type, oily or combination skin). Then, we were asked to take out the products from the bag prepared for each of us! All products are full sized. Very generous of them.

From left to right:
Pure color Five color eyeshadow palette, Pure Color Sensual Rouge Lipcolor, Idealist Even skintone illuminator and Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Lotion.

We were taught a technique inspired by Tom Pecheux(Creative Makeup Director of Estée Lauder)

1. Apply Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator Serum
This will even out the skintone, especially for people with red spots or uneven skintone.

2. Apply Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Lotion
It will keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.

3. Apply liquid foundation around your face (Best with a foundation brush).

4. Use this fatigue fighter technique. On the back of hand, mix Advance Night Repair Serum for the eyes with a little of Double Wear Concealer. Pat onto entire undereye area to refresh and brighten. Blend. Finish with a dot of concealer on inner and outer corners of eyes to “open” them.

5. Apply loose powder with the “Roll-On” technique: Dip one side of the powder brush into loose or pressed powder. Tap off excess
Roll powdered half of brush over skin in 180° motion, section by section, instead of sweeping across face. Apply excess over eyelids.
Turn brush over to clean side and sweep off any excess on face.

6. Followed by the Five Color Eyeshadow Palette: Using the lightest color as base. Depending on whether you’d like a subtle look or statement look, apply desired colors on outer and inner corners of your eyes. Use the darkest color as liner.

7. Apply neutral shade of blush with Powder Blush using the “Perfect Blush” technique: Sweep brush over blush then over powder.
Roll brush on the back of hand to mix. Tap brush on the apples of the cheeks, blend them starting at the highest part of the cheek and sweep down towards nose. Finish with a small folded tissue and spray lightly with water. Pat gently on cheek to remove excess powder and make cheek color bloom.

8. If you like to get a Statement look, you can line your eyes with the Automatic Eye Pencil Duo. And your eyes will be more defined.

9. Apply Mascara: This is the main thing that create a vast difference on your eyes.
Push lash tips back with wand and hold for 5 secs to set curls. You won’t need a curler if you’re using Estée Lauder’s mascara!

10. Apply the Sensuous Rouge, pick a color similar to your blush.
This is the most moisturizing among all other ranges. You can even leave out your lip balm when applying this!

The actual event at Vivocity is just a repetition of this preview workshop so I’ll leave you with 2 videos and a group picture.

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