V for Victory ^^V

Edit: Quite a few people are searching for how to get a v line face. I’ve blogged about it over here. This post does not show any facial exercises.

I have a confession to make..

I have been altered.

I cannot claim to be a 100% natural “beauty” because I have been doing Botox for the past decade. This is totally no secret to my long time friends. I mean, they’ve been hanging around me since I was 14 and surely they can tell that my jawline has changed over time.

Thanks to a miraculous thing called genetics, I was born with a “fat” face. The number of years and the number of people who pinched my cheeks and uttered “How cute!”… uncountable. My face shape really really got to me during those awkward teenage years.

Let you all see a very very very small picture of my then-fat face back in 2002. I weighed 42kg. My face DOES NOT look like I weigh 42kg. Can you see the face size ratio between a 1.6m girl and a 1.8m guy!? Mine was wider!!

 I tried ALOT of things to get that V-line face. From facial exercises..

to ridiculously looking contraptions like the face bra.

With age came vanity and I discovered non-invasive procedures. I am not ashamed to say that I have had certain treatments done in the last few years and I LOVE THE RESULTS. The MFP Crew can tell you how big a difference it makes when I am Botox-ed and Botox-less. Nearly scared the crap outta them that day.

My weight hovers around 45kg – 48kg now (I’m not actually sure, I refuse to weigh myself) and my face definitely does not look that way. Above the neck, I am 100% sure that it looks like I’ve lost weight since 2002. See for yourself. This picture was taken last Christmas.

I have no qualms in encouraging other girls out there to do what I have done. It’s relatively painless, instant, non-invasive and makes you look damn good.

Good for you (and bad for me cos I can’t join), part 2 of MyFatPocket.com’s International Women’s Month celebration is about fixing your jawline and your flat nose bridge. Long time partner Prive Clinic will be sponsoring 1 MFP member the full works with Botox & Fillers. Click the ad below to take part!

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