Forest Joyce Forensia’s Pastel Dreams Party

As a blogger mamasan (I manage over 20 bloggers if you’re curious, and they call me mamasan) I get invited to quite a lot of my girls parties and this time it’s a little awkward. I was invited to both Joyce’s and Ju Ann’s mandatory Mary Chia parties that they had to organize as contestants. How to support both my girls at the same time and not let them feel like I’m biased…. (I VOTED FOR BOTH OF YOU HOR. DON’T CALL ME NAMES!)

Any way, shall blog about FJF’s first, cos that’s the one I attended one day in advance before Ju Ann’s. Both posts shall consist of pictures stolen from them =D

Joyce’s pretty invite.. siao liao lah pastel theme. My wardrobe is made up of blacks, whites and greys.

Place was decorated prettily with her hand made origami hearts. She must have made 100s man. Respect.

Her event was actually surprisingly good. Joyce shared quite a few beauty tips like how to use a foaming net for your facial wash as “bubbles” trap more dirt, thus cleansing skin more thoroughly. She also had a mini contest where she had participants write their best beauty tips. Xinyi and I were damn lazy and wrote one word each. She put down “sleeping”, and I sent in “confidence”.

Damn kelong can… Xinzz won the prize for most popular beauty tip. Must be a lot of lazy girls in attendance!

LOL and mine got picked as Joyce’s best answer. I backed up my one word entry with the inner beauty spiel.

The soap smells damn super good (Y) The girls also had to source for their own goodie bag sponsors. I lugged a hefty 10kg bag of sponsorship items for both Joyce and Ju Ann can. My arm looked like I just came from a BDSM party -_-” But anyway, here’s her goodie bag:

Samples from, Skin79, Mary Chia, Vanity Trove and L’Oreal Paris.

Next post: Ju Ann’s “A Girly Affair”!

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