Crazy luxury bags giveaway!

MyFatPocket is doing it again, ladies! This time round, they are giving away 6 luxury bags for us bag whores in just 3 simple steps!

MyFatPocket have also partnered 3 top fashion bloggers in Singapore for this year’s Luxury Bags Giveaway – ONESIXTYNOTEPAD, Miyake and BeautyFool. These 3 top bloggers chose 6 bags from Mulberry, Prada and Celine for you and your friend!

Here we go!

Step 1: Answer a simple question here.

Step 2: Enter your email address to be included in the contest and to receive your lucky URL.

Step 3: Refer your friends by Facebook, Twitter or Email for additional chances.

The more friends referred* through your lucky URL, the more chances you have to win! If you are drawn as a bag winner, the friend you referred* wins too.

* Your friend must participate in the contest through your Lucky URL referral for your additional chance to count.


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