Karma, really?

For a non-religious person, I kinda believe in karma a tad too much. I fully believe in the fact that what ever you do comes back threefold to you.

Why so emo today you ask?

I’ve had shocking news awhile back that my ex-boss is unfortunately battling breast cancer. I’ve been digesting this for some time. I can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

So if my way of thoughts apply true, she must have been an evil bitch right. Not true man… She might have been a tough boss (LOL see Twitter) but she truly is one of the most pure hearted and perceptive person I’ve met. I remember that during my interview with her, she saw things I’ve kept hidden for years. Things that not even the closest people to me know much about. It was stunning really. To hear what I have buried so deep vocalized like that.

And I’ve seen her empathize and sympathize. It’s not “fake” like how some of us do it, neither is it a muscle memory response. It comes from her heart and I have a million ton of respect for her that she has the time and the space to keep on giving despite her crazy job and bat shit insane management.

Talking about the bat shit insane management… for the first time today I saw him as a human being with feelings. There was no hierarchy as the team that worked with ET listened to the devastating news, delivered by our many levels on-top boss. I saw that he cared from person to person. No, let me rephrase that. I saw that he cares – from a friend to a friend.

The effort that my company is investing to ensure that ET will have the best medical insurance is astounding. For an ex-staff, they sure are protecting her in ways that are above and beyond the norm. They’ve also offered her old job back if she wants it I think. As much as we miss her, I hope not. To put it crudely, she’s just realised that it’s the beginning of the rest of her life and it can be spent in a much better way/place.

And after all that I’ve seen and heard that day.. maybe there’s some hope. After all, someone who loves animals and can shed a tear can’t be that bad innit?

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