Ex- NTUC assistant director shocked by online response to her racist remarks

Her Facebook post hitting out at Malays holding weddings at void decks had gone viral, with more than 12,000 reactions from angry netizens.

Ms Cheong, in an exclusive interview with The New Paper, said she was shocked at the online response to her post. She said she didn’t think carefully about what she was saying because she was venting her frustrations.

When asked if she was Singapore’s most hated woman, she said: “No, people don’t know me enough to hate me. They hate my comments.”

There has also been some talk that Ms Cheong has left Singapore for Perth as of last night, “according to airline ticketing staff”.

Her Twitter account has also been made fun of. This one… I think she deserves. Have a little sincerity lah, instead of just copying and pasting.

Late to this saga? The full story (complete with pictures!) here.
Amy Cheong’s Twitter account.
NTUC Membership’s Facebook page.
NTUC Membership’s hire notice.

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