Terence Cao: I will take full responsibility if I am the father

Remember this? Hahaha.. I knew it was him lor. For the uninitiated, CGH are his Chinese initials – Cao Guo Hui (曹国辉). The interesting reads as promised after this wall of text. Please scroll down if you wanna just read that.

In an interview with xinmsn, the actor answered questions and cleared the air on rumours surrounding his alleged 2010 affair with 26-year-old Ms Shi.

The actor admittedly “knows this person from Shanghai” and clarified that he has seen her for “a grand total of three times (including Friday’s meet-up)” since they met at a party in Shanghai in 2010. Terence also acknowledged that he “played host” to Ms Shi when she visited Singapore a month later in June 2010 and declined to confirm if they had a one-night-stand relationship.

“Whether a one-night stand happened or not, I will not describe in detail. I will only say that [it happened] during our second meeting [and] we were not mere acquaintances then,” said Terence, who later added, “I’m not in the position to comment on [our relationship status]. I hope to deal with the DNA tests first,” when asked to describe his relationship with Ms Shi.

But a new twist has developed in the ongoing baby daddy saga. Miss Shi missed the DNA paternity test appointment – originally scheduled for noon on last Saturday – and has been uncontactable since, according to Cao.

“First of all, we have to do a DNA Test. On Friday, we arranged for a DNA appointment at 1.30pm. She mentioned she didn’t have the necessary documents like the birth certificate, so the DNA test wasn’t possible,” Cao said. “We arranged for an appointment for noon on Saturday. But she missed the appointment, and I understand she’s left Singapore.

“How true (that is) I don’t know. As of now, my lawyer and I have been trying to contact her on her Singapore and China number but we haven’t received any reply.”

It was reported earlier that Shi had gone back to Shanghai with her daughter. When asked for the possible reason for her departure, Cao replied that she had told him she was uncomfortable with the DNA appointment being handled by Cao’s lawyer. The actor preferred not to focus on whether his celebrity status was the reason behind the purported revelation.

“I try not to go into that direction. For me, the most urgent agenda is to find out whether the child has any relationship with me,” he said.

Cao declined to comment on Shi’s claims that she felt compelled to go to the Chinese press because he was ignoring her. “It’s not very necessary for me to comment on what she said. There was actually communication between us,” he said.

As for allegedly leaving S$2,000 at her hotel’s front desk, Cao explained that she told him she had exhausted her funds and wanted to go back to China. Cao offered to book the plane tickets but instead had a friend pass her the money, as Shi preferred to do it herself.

Cao is currently in talks with his lawyer on how to locate Shi. “I can’t force her to do the DNA test. I’d have to check with my lawyer (for what’s next). My most important agenda is to find out what’s holding her back from doing the DNA test.”

~ Gossips starts here ~

His name very long, so I shall start referring to Terence Cao as CGH from here on okay? Actually he is one of the most easily spotted celebs in Singapore. I see him until don’t want to see already. Once upon a time, when I was a young girl…. I thought he’s cute. But age has caught up with him, plus I’ve heard/seen too much of this guy. He is very well known for diva behaviour and octopus hands. He used to club with several other celebs but they are not as bad as he is.

He will not pay for cover charge to enter a disco or whatever.. he thinks he some big fuck.. wanted to just bring a few guys with him and just walk in..

Bouncer:- member sir?
CGH:- what member? u see properly who i am…
Bouncer:- sorry, i onli regonised members card.
CGH:- call ur boss here now!
Bouncer:- oh u know my boss.. u call urself lah. n please move 1 side to call .dun block the way for others.

Hahahah he lan lan waited outside….. This happened at St James a few years ago.

And when he goes to KTVs the seasoned girls will avoid him like plague. The most ridiculous thing he did was to bring a ktv gal home for three nights and gave her 100 bucks.

The best part? There are tons of girls out there who are willing to testify about his… lack of equipment.

I have a lot more stories but late liao. If there is interest I shall spill more beans =D

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