Skincare 103: My MUST HAVE Toner

Today’s blog post is a… LIE.

It’s too soon for me to have a MUST HAVE toner cos I don’t use toner toners. Once upon an uneducated time I did. I was told that toners minimize your pores, makes your skin tight and yadah yadah yadah. It had a horrendous effect on my then teenage skin. Every single time I applied toner, I had pizza syndrome after. Not the I’m-hungry-for-pizza but something worse. My face would be red, blotchy and slightly swollen. I’m not too sure if I was using the wrong toner/brand then but I stopped after awhile cos it wasn’t doing any thing for me. I steered clear of ALLLLLLL toners until very recently.

Why did I start again you ask? Well, I was in the unfortunate situation of moving offices and my skin was subjected to breathing under 2cm of dust and dirt every day. At that point in time, I was still under the misconception that toner is a secondary cleanser so I did my research. A.K.A. Google and word of mouth. The one that interested me turned out to be Laneige‘s Perfect Renew Skin Refiner. First 2 reasons why I picked this to try? (1) I already love Laneige products. (2) I happened to have a sample bottle from their flagship store opening media event. Yes, I am cheapskate like that.

Ceramaid repair water fills up between dead cells and addressing dryness, a cause of aging, and helping effective elements be absorbed deep into the skin.

During my toner “research” I also stumbled upon a fact said by a (I think) Laneige scientist: “That whole thing about toners removing unwashed dirt and residue off your face is an add-on. If you had an efficient cleanser, you wouldn’t need that extra step right?” HOW COME THIS NEVER OCCURRED TO ME BEFORE? It’s so bloody obvious. *Smacks self*

Perfect Renew Skin Refiner doesn’t contain any alcohol – which I LOVE. It’s also not as liquidy as every other toner I tried, the consistency is somewhere inbetween water and gel.

Personally it’s a little bit “suffocating” on my skin – makes me feel like all my pores are blocked and can’t breathe properly upon application BUT it absorbs well. My skin is left feeling soft and bouncy. I’ve only been using this for about a month (and I don’t use this every day) so I can’t really tell if their product promise holds. My boss did comment that my skin was extra glowy the other day though.

This looks to be a MUST HAVE toner on my list for now, will update again if there are any changes!

Price : SGD$48.00 (120ml)
Years of use : Since 2012

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