Skincare 104: My MUST HAVE Pre-Essence

Pre-essence is a new comer to the market called “How to make females spend more” and it doesn’t take much explaining to it’s duties and benefits. Pre, meaning before, and “essence”, meaning….. well.. essence. This goes on after cleansing and/or toner and before treatments (whitening/hydrating/etc) since it helps to absorb more.

My choice of poison is L’Oreal‘s Youth Code Boosting Essence, as influenced by make up maestro friend Aileen Lee. She’s a key artist with L’Oreal themself and holds the honour of being the first non-Japanese to be trained in Shu Uemura advanced course. It wasn’t anything she said. It was me who noticed that her skin went from “oh pretty” to “HOLY HELL THAT’S PRETTY!”.

Youth Code works to restore the skin’s genes to make it younger; regenerating 5 times faster as compared to ageing skin.

Yes Aunty here now needs anti-ageing products. Youth Code claims to make your skin more radiant in 1 drop. This one is utter bullshit. I don’t know if I have a big face or what, but 1 drop covered only about 3/4 of my forehead.  Maybe also because this absorbs damn fast. The last time I saw any product that was instantly absorbed into my skin was 10 years ago.  The cap is attached to a tube and I need 2 pumps to fully cover my face and neck.

The other thing that’s promised is that Youth Code amplifies the effect of any skincare used on top by 2 times. This is also bullshit. I think it’s more than twice! I definitely use more of everything else that I put on after this pre-essence. 1 drop of miracle essence (more on this in the next post) is no longer enough. I now use 2.5 drops instead.

The product is a slightly viscous, milky transparent liquid with a pleasant smell. For something that contains alcohol, it works remarkably well for my sensitive skin. Youth Code slides on easily, absorbs quickly and leaves the face looking matte and hydrated.

It might be psychological since there is a visible difference in the amount of other products I use but I feel that this really works. There is a marked improvement in my skin and this is the only new product I’ve used regularly in the past year. I have half a mind to try Lancôme‘s GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate next but that’s a bank buster. L’Oreal’s Youth Essence is easy on the pocket though there’s been a SGD$10.00 price increase since I’ve started using it.

One other way to use this pre-essence it to mix in a drop with your two-way cake, liquid foundation or BB cream. It helps achieve that dewy au-naturale look. You can also apply this before using face masks to fully absorb the benefits.

I truly love my new found friend but there’s a downside to this wonder product – my other skin care products get finished faster due to their 2x absorption!

Price : SGD$39.90
Years of use : Since 2011

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