Skincare 105: My MUST HAVE Essence

Note: I’m adapting this post from an advertorial I wrote for another website so today’s tonality might be a little bit different.

I was invited to SK-II‘s event earlier this year where they unveiled their latest ambassador, Sheila Sim. I’m blogging about this not because I like her, but because it’s one of those rare times I finally believe in something. As a marketing person myself, it’s not easy to convince me when a brand rolls out their campaigns. This time around, SK-II’s brand proposition is called “My First Compliments”; how a user gets their first compliments after using their products for awhile.

This struck a chord with me cos I have been a very strong advocate of SK-II products to my friends, colleagues and family members. I’m pretty sure I’ve converted at least 10 people to using SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence (FTE), commonly called Miracle Water. I truly did get my first compliments after using FTE for only a month or so.

I never had perfect skin, or even “normal” skin before I discovered SK-II. I had the typical prone-to-breakouts, dull and dry skin. It was desperation that led me to try Miracle Water, in hopes of a miracle. It was tough the first time when I had to pay more than $200 for a bottle of hope though. I was only an 18 year old student who earned $1,100 per month back then.

The first time I applied FTE to my face, the absorption was instantaneous. Literally. Like how a very good sponge absorbs water. My skin was completely dry and had no evidence of anything being applied to it. I used slightly more than a 50 cent coin amount. There was some slight heartache to how much I was using out of this bottle of “gold” for one application.

I still remember that within 3 days, I woke up one morning and admired myself in the mirror. How my skin was dewy, bouncy (yes! their TVCs don’t lie!) and just… different from how it used to be. I thought it was a good skin day. This “good skin day” never ended. I really had friends asking me why did I put on make up to go to a kopitiam. My BF said I was crazy to go to bed with foundation. My skin was bare. I didn’t even have sun screen on. What they saw was what I was born with, enhanced by a miracle.

I’ve just realised that I haven’t shown a single pic of my face in these past few MUST HAVE blogposts. Picture don’t lie, and I swear on Tuppy’s life that I have not digitally enhanced the following two pics.. I am also not wearing ANY foundation, primer or base. That’s my skin with SK-II (and untinted sun screen of course!).

I’m top left.

I’m absolute right in this one.

Amazing right? *shows hao lian face* This is why it’s been 10 years and I still am loyal to SK-II. I cannot live without it. I’ve added 3 other items from their range to my regime. You can read about 2 of them here, and another 1 in a few days. (Post note: it’s over here.)

They have dramatically improved my skin to the point where I need them almost like a drug. People do notice when I skip using FTE for 2 days in a row and ask why is my skin dehydrated. I no longer need to so much essence too, a mere 10 cent coin amount is usually enough for my face and neck. A bottle of SK-II FTE can last me for about 9 months – 1 year. Money very, very well spent BUT as mentioned in my MUST HAVE Pre-Essence, L’Oreal‘s Youth Code is living up to its promise and has enabled my skin to absorb even more goodness.

And now comes my most convincing argument. I am right handed, and I don’t use cotton pads when I apply SK-II so the essence goes straight onto my left palm. It is extremely obvious in real life that my left palm has A LOT less lines than the right.

Close up shots:



Even the main grooves are somewhat diminished. (Wonder if this changes my fortune!)

I’ll be a very sad, dull and wrinkled person if they ever discontinue this product. If you, like me, have skin woes, miracle water might also just be the miracle you need.

Price : SGD$209.00 (215ml)
Years of use : Since 2002

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5 thoughts on “Skincare 105: My MUST HAVE Essence

  1. callmejagi says:

    Your skin looks great! I received a small sample of this with an overseas purchase (30 ml I believe) but I didn’t make much of it because I’ve only used it once. I’m gonna have to give it a go, then!

    Great post ^.^

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