Skincare 106: My MUST HAVE Eye Creams

Eyes are the windows to your soul, they say. I say, windows should have no frigging crows any where! I’m a smoker (bad habit, I know) so my skin ages faster and is more prone to wrinkles. I used  to detest eye creams cos they always leave unwanted milia seeds behind. My skin doesn’t do well with heavy creams and it’s not easy to find an eye gel that works. I currently use 3, The Body Shop‘s Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel and Rachel K‘s Youth Eye Complex for alternate daily use and SK-II‘s Wrinkle Specialist.

16 February 2013 update: Rachel K & SK-II have been usurped by L’Oreal Paris!  They’re still good stuff, but the L’Oreal one is pocket friendlier.

The Body Shop Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel

A lovely gel which cools, soothes and lightly moisturises the delicate eye area.

I like how thick (thin actually) the consistency of this gel feels, which is great for the under- eye area as you feel like your eyes are being treated to a good amount of moisture, whereas from previous experiences the more cream based eye products tend to leave your eyes feeling greased & heavy. It has no scent to it at all, which again is great for sensitive eyes as it is normally the perfume which irritates the eyes (making you look red, blotchy & teary). Plus I store this in the fridge so it’s cold when I apply it. I’m pretty sure it’s crap in terms of getting rid of my wrinkles but boy, it’s literally an eye opener straight from the cold to my skin!

Price : SGD$18.90 (15ml)
Years of use : Since 2009

(New!) Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream
This one, THIS ONE, is DA BOMB.

We’ll talk about the basics first alright? It does mildly tighten skin and “unpuff”. I cried on one of the nights cos I was watching Hachiko so I woke up with goggly goldfish eyes and this eye cream helped to take away some of the puffiness, almost immediately! Tiny little dehydration lines under my eyes have also disappeared and I think that the area under my brow bone has a nicer contour/definition. I like the fact that this has no scent to it, eliminating at least one irritant that should never be in eye creams.

I also like that this comes with an in-built metallic applicator that leaves a cool, refreshing feel whenever I apply my eye cream. I generally follow up with massaging in the cream with my fingers for better absorption though. This sinks in quite fast.

One thing I dislike about the packaging is that it traps air and farts whenever I squeeze the tube, thus expelling a little bit of cream that I’ll have to catch on my hand. It has happened every single time and it’s not due to the wand tip since I have other (plastic) products with the same design.

On to the amazing bit of this.

I have monolids that are sadly sagging with age, and combined with my regular use of double eyelid tape/stickers, they developed wrinkle creases where I have been propping up my lids. This would be a good thing if my lids behaved like every one elses’ and folded into double eyelids but the horrible tragedy is that I just end up having really obvious wrinkly and creased monolids that fold under.


I kid you not, there isn’t even a faint trace of them anymore. It’s like they never existed. I have never met an eye cream like this before. Truly, I am bowled over by this product. This gets a 11/10 from me. Goodbye pocket burning Wrinkle Specialist. We’ve had some good times but you have been usurped.

Now, I wonder if I can use this on my nasolabial folds to the same effect? I am *this* close to trying.

Use this product on cleansed eye contour zone and gently massage in with fingertips.

Price: SGD $37.90 (15ml)
Years of use: Since 2013

To read the rest of my L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 series review, click here.

Rachel K Youth Eye Complex

Nourishes the skin around your eyes with a potent formulation.  (Image from

Why did I buy this when there is a serious lack of reviews on the internet? To be frank, I was sold by the wand. I detest having bare fingers near my eyes cos my eyeballs attract germs like a magnet. I’m glad I did though. It may have been an impulse buy but I saw that my skin has become firmer and almost not puffy at all after using this. I thought It was a fluke so I stopped and restarted. The effects went away and came back in tandem with usage of Youth Eye Complex. Me likey.

Price : SGD$35.00 (15ml)
Years of use : Since 2011

SK-II Wrinkle Specialist

Wrinkles begin to disappear after 14 days due to a high concentration of Pitera.

This lightweight emollient texture absorbs into the skin easily without feeling greasy. They claim 14 days, but my mini-wrinkles disappeared in 7. No joke. I call this my filler-in-a-tube. My eyes are COMPLETELY unlined now. I also apply this to my nasolabial folds and there is visible reduction. I’ve recently started using this around my lips as well and guess what, no lines too. A tad on the pricey end like all other SK-II products, but still cheaper than my botox and fillers.

(Eh seriously P&G you wanna sponsor me or not? This is the 4th product I plugged for you for free, and there a a few more coming up. My email address is on the left side!)

Price : SGD$180 (25ml)
Years of use : Since 2011

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6 thoughts on “Skincare 106: My MUST HAVE Eye Creams

  1. Rachel says:

    Ramonita >> I have been using Rachel K’s eye cream since it launched, totally no problem for me. Maybe you have crappy skin.

  2. Ramonita says:

    You don’t have to be insulting right. Everyone has different skintype and I can say wtv I want on the internet.

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