Skincare 109: My MUST HAVE Facial Masks

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I’ve been dreading today’s post cos Imma mask freak and I seriously use A LOT OF ‘EM and this is gonna take a looooooooooong time to write. From sheet masks to leave-ins to overnights, I do at least one type every, single, day. No joke. Hydration is your best friend to flawless skin. (I can’t help the hormonal zits though, any one has a solution to those?) I alternate my dailies on weekdays and alternate everything else on weekends (and public holidays and eves of public holidays!) Okay.. that’s not exactly true either. I do try to sheet mask every 2 days or so as well. I meant it girlfriends. You want good skin, you gotta mask like there’s no tomorrow.

Let’s get started for the deluge of information.

Daily Mask #1 – Overnight/Leave-in
Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Okay, I’m a lazy bitch. I’ve already blogged about this product so I won’t repeat how wonderful this is. Go have a read for yourself, then come back.

All I have to do is to slather this on and fall asleep. I usually have a very shiny face the next morning but once I’ve wiped off the sheen, my skin feels nice and smooth. It is a little suffocating and  there is a “clogged” up feel on the days I use this though. But it has never given me any clogged pores or pimples. I sometimes also just leave a whole lot on and wipe it off about 5 minutes later before I put on my make up. I find that it does help hold cosmetics on quite well.

And I repeat…

Price : SGD$74.00 (45ml)
Years of use : Since 2004

Daily Mask #2 – Overnight
Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Provides intensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation.

Another product that I bought on impulse after being sold by its marketing (Rachel K’s eye cream is the first of this series, if you’re keen). This mask is infused with their patented Sleepscent™ which contains essential oils from Orange Flower, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandal Wood etc to relax your mind and body and derive for a good sleep. I have problems sleeping so this greatly interested me. Call it psychological but since the first time I’ve applied this, I can usually find myself relaxing, becoming calm and falling asleep a few minutes after.

There is no sticky feel after application. In comparison, this absorbs better than Clinique’s Moisture Surge. My skin is hydrated, supple and smooth in the morning. It’s also not as oily feeling as Clinique’s. Although they both have very similar effects, I definitely prefer this to Moisture Surge. It wins in terms of cost, scent and the morning after. The only bit I dislike?

Imagine this plastered all over your face. You’re bound to scare somebody.

And another interesting thing – my dog REFUSES to sleep near my face when I have Moisture Surge on but he’s perfectly normal with this one. Go figure.

Price : SGD$45.00 (80ml)
Years of use : Since 2009

Sheet Mask #1 – Skinlite

Out of all the sheet masks I frequently use, I abuse this most frequently. It’s super affordable and super super moist. I have left it on for 30 minutes and still have enough juice to do the aunty thing and squeeze out the leftovers for my neck, hands and feet. Skinlite comes from Korea, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

I buy this most often. They come in many “flavours”: hydrating herb, moisturizing herb, refining herb, seaweed essence, aloe essence, brightening essence, cucumber essence, royal jelly essence and green tea essence. To be honest, I haven’t seen any difference at all between the different types. They generally leave my skin plumper and radiant after but the sheet is relatively thick. Combined with their excessive moisture, it can be difficult for the mask to stay on my face if I am walking around. The only distinguishing feature I can name is that they each have their own scent. My favourite is the cucumber =D

Price : SGD$1.95 (1 piece, but there’s usually a buy 2 get 1 at Sasa)
Years of use : Since 2006

Sheet Mask #2 – Lovemore

This is also a use-and-throw-no-pocket-breaker mask. Lovemore is a hugely popular Taiwanese brand that’s available at almost every beauty shop in Singapore. There are 6 different variants for this: Electric Ore Peptide Firming Duo Lifting, Alps Spring & Phytoncide Moisturizing, Australia Agar-Agar Lifting, Camellia & Tourmaline Whitening, Provence Lavender Nighttime Whitening and Japanese Pearls Firming & Whitening.

As with the Skinlite ones, I can’t discern any differences between the types and they have the same effects as well. The sheet is thinner but just as juicy so it’s possible for me to potter around with this on. If you really want to be a penny pincher, this is pricier by 8 measly cents per piece. I usually get mine for free though. has a redemption program where goodies can be exchanged for what they call Sample Points.

Price : SGD$6.90 (Box of 5 pieces)
Years of use : Since 2011

Sheet Mask #3 – SexyLook

Alright alright I really don’t need this much sheet masks do I? Truth be told I don’t use this much and only bought this because of…. yes, you’ve guessed it – marketing again. You see for yourself okay. How to resist??


There’s a whole range of different Kitty masks but I’ve only tried the ones in the picture above. As sheet masks go, there’s no awesomeness to it (works like the Skinlite and Lovemore ones above) but this one is expensive. I’ve not had a go at the ear hooks types but I suspect they’ll be no different. This belongs in my MUST HAVE series cos it makes me happy to see it. Childish, I know. Even the instructions on the back is absolute cuteness.

Price : SGD$15.00 (Box of 5 pieces)
Years of use : Since 2011

Desperation Mask a.k.a. The Expensive One

When I am truly in need of hydration like when I’ve been travelling overseas and my skin is flaky and sad, I resort to something that is cheap and expensive at the same time. It’s really really easy to do though. All I need is my trusty SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and paper masks. You can get them either in sheets or compressed. I favor the compressed ones cos it’s easier for my essence to be absorbed. They look like these:

The little round white blobs are their purchase form. I get them at about 3 cents a piece? (And the amount of SK-II essence I put into this is about.. $15? LOL)

All I have to do is drop them into a container and slowly add my essence to it until it can’t hold any more. I’ve never taken a picture of the process and I’m too lazy to, so here’s a stolen picture from Ebay for those of you who need visuals.

I put everything in the fridge so it’s nice and refreshing when I use it. It doesn’t need to be just Miracle Water, you can use any type of essence. And when I’m super duper in need of hydration, I apply my preessence to up the effects of this DIY mask. Alternatively, you could open up your pores with a moist warm towel first.

Be warned though, this dries up really quickly so I would recommend that you do this away from a direct source of wind or sunlight.

Add-on: I’ve seen quite a number of searches leading to this post about where to buy these compressed paper masks in Singapore. You can get them from Daiso in packs of 10. They even have the little tray thingy at the top for your essence.

Price : Depends on what you’re using! For me, it’s about SGD$15.00
Years of use : Since 2002

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