Skincare 110: MUST HAVE Facial Exercises aka Get a V Line Face

Since I’ve started this MUST HAVE series, I’ve been seeing a serious surge in my blog’s search terms like “facial massages”,”v line face” and “how to get slim face for girls”. So obviously to increase my own traffic… I better talk about this.

I’m not just googling these methods but I do have a few regular motions that I keep to when applying my creams. Some of them I’ve learnt from beauty consultants who sell me my skincare, some from Youtube tutorials/reading up online, and the latest from Taiwanese make-up guru Teacher Kevin (I attended his workshop awhile ago and I still haven’t blogged about it).

Firming and Lifting

For the most basic massage that you can do when removing make up, cleansing skin or applying creams, try the following. This is the one I stick to most often. Remember to always massage your face using a bottom to top, inner to outer motion.

Or you could try SK-II’s method. I haven’t tried this before. I just happened to see it on my Facebook feed a few hours ago =D

Double Chin

For those of you who are interested in preventing or getting rid of existing double chins. Here is a simple massage exercise that works wonders. I call it the under the chin slap. Lift your neck up slightly as if you are looking at the ceiling. Use the back of both of your hands and flick (or slap) the bottom of your chin in a quick upward motion (as if you are saying F off using Italian hand gesture) alternating with both hands. Do the left bottom of the chin first for about 1 minute and then work over the right bottom of the chin for another minute.

V line

The term “V-line” was coined in recent years by the Koreans while the Chinese often refer to this face shape as the “melon seed face”. Both terms are basically used to describe a slim and oval face that narrows to a sharp end at the chin. The V-line shape is ideal because it tends to make the face look more feminine. While many celebrities and socialites go under the knife for the V-line, I really want to advocate gradual change through daily massage, facial exercises and routine usage of face firming cream. There’s a post about my V-line secrets coming in a few days! For now, make do with this super quick and easy exercise.

Lympatic Drainage (for puffiness)

The purpose of lymph drainage massage is to move fluid out of your tissues into lymph nodes where bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed. It reduces facial swelling that can be an effect of aging. I can’t exactly explain this so I’ll leave you with a video but Teacher Kevin shared with me that this massage is best done lying down with your head at a slightly lower angle than your body. Skip to about 1:10 of the video, that’s where they start showing the 5 “drains” in your face. One other thing I wanna share with you is that you should end all your strokes behind your ear down towards your neck to drain away your fluids.

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8 thoughts on “Skincare 110: MUST HAVE Facial Exercises aka Get a V Line Face

  1. Gethou Kabeya says:

    Ya small face make attraction so that why i am using face smaller tool that is face thin which is make my face thinner and smaller.

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