Accessible Luxury at SK-II Beauty Boutique


SK-II gears up to cement its retail footprint in Singapore with the unveiling of its newest beauty boutique at the newly revamped Tangs Beauty, upping the ante for women seeking for the solution to crystal clear skin. Spanning 29 square metres, the new boutique is the latest addition to SK-II’s latest beauty arsenal of iconic boutiques and boasts a series of world-class designs coupled with a conducive retail space that dimensionalizes the unique Pitera™ heritage at the heart of SK-II.

Unique geometric ceiling that perfectly reflects the rare red marble floor.

Inspired by the ideal skin standard that SK-II epitomizes – crystal clarity, the new boutique is framed by a first-ever 3-D crystal ceiling
from SK-II that plays with natural light to express the miracle of Pitera™ on skin, bringing to life the key dimensions of radiance,
translucence, youthfulness and luminous glow. The boutique also flaunts another new feature, Essence Source – a display for the iconic Facial Treatment Essence with animating Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) that glorify the miracle of SK-II’s Pitera™ heritage.

Shoppers can also get their skin tested with SK-II’s groundbreaking counseling tool that has recalibrated the benchmark for skincare counseling, Magic Ring and Beauty Nav. Exclusively developed by SK-II’s Research & Development innovation centre in Kobe, Japan, Magic Ring is equipped with features new to existing skin imaging counseling tools so as to identify your specific Ageless Vector to enable the design of a personalized anti-ageing skincare regimen to optimize your skin’s ageing needs.

The was one of the more boring and unorganized SK-II event that I’ve been to. There was simply too much natural crowd pushing and shoving their way through. I have to say that their new  boutique is beautiful though. Best bit? My goodie bag contained 2 Signs Eye Mask and a Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser. Just nice – I was down to my last few uses. Money saved!

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