Shu Uemura TSUYA Skin Radiance Generator

A superbly long  time ago, I was invited to Shu Uemura’s launch for their foray into pre-essence – Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator. (According to them, “Tsuya” is Japan’s word for ideal skin.)

I’ve deliberately delayed this post so I don’t sabotage them in any way cos… I have really bad things to say about this product. It didn’t work not just for me, but for 3 other females who tried this.

Let’s talk about the good things first.

The event space (held at their office) was beautifully decorated and there was abundance of munchies and fizzy wine to go around. The brand folks were mighty friendly too. I liked that they had a huge ass (fake) bottle of Tsuya as their centrepiece and other little bottles in various stages of uncapping.

Their TVC was extremely convincing. They showed quite a number of women attributing their new found perfect skin to this serum. Shu Uemura also claims that Tsuya Skin is a major discovery in cellular biology. They’ve discovered a miracle molecule to reactivate the skin’s “youth power switch”. Inspired from “secrets” of Enju flower’s longevity & persistence, Shu Uemura’s research center selected Rhamnose, a high tech molecule able to reactivate the skin’s youth power switch and awaken self-regeneration in all fundamental levels of the skin as its key ingredient.

The contents of the bottle is a pretty pearlescent pink liquid that is relatively scentless and absorbed quickly into my hand. And we have reached the end of positive things I have to say about Tsuya Skin.

My editor girlfriend was sent a bottle of Tsuya as a blind test. Within 2 weeks of her using it daily, her skin tone turned yellow, dry, dull and flaky. We had to advise her to stop the test and she had to call the PR agency to tell them the bad results. All of us thought it was a one off since she’s always had sensitive skin and she’s unsuitable for a lot of products.

After attending the media prelaunch event, my colleague R and I both tried Tsuya Skin. I also gave a bottle to my mum to test. As with all new products, I did patch tests only to the sides of my face and chin. By the next morning, I had a few small white zits dotting the areas I applied. I thought it might have been hormonal and not due to the product. In a week, I had 2 raging pimples (the horrible red mountainous types) on my chin and bumps along the sides of my face. I stopped using Tsuya immediately and called my skin doctor while sobbing my lungs out. Okay, drama much but I really did call my dermatologist for an emergency facial. My skin went back to normal within 2 weeks of stopping usage.

My mum complained that her skin was noticeably drier but had no new unwelcome pimples or bumps. She definitely didn’t become a new fan.

R wasn’t so lucky. She noticed 2 weeks into trial that she had the same tiny bumps on both her cheeks and both sides of her face.

Horrified, she stopped when we told her that it might be Tsuya causing her condition. She was under the impression that it could have been stress combined with her over-fondness for piling on her BB creams. We attended this event in August, and her skin has not fully recovered from this even now.

I’m not saying  that this product won’t work for you. It just so happened that me and my girls had adverse reactions to this.

For the record, my editor and I are in our late 20s, R in her early 20s, and my mum is is her early 50s. We all have a myriad of skin problems from dryness (me) to sensitivity and combination skin.

To the folks at Shu Uemura: I’m really really sorry I have to say this about your new product only 2 months after its been out in the market, but hey – it’s better than saying this before you launched right?

Tsuya Skin is available at all Shu Uemura counters at SGD$108.00 for 30ml.

One thought on “Shu Uemura TSUYA Skin Radiance Generator

  1. zeeheehee says:

    Same thing happened to me.:( What a waste of money. Worse yet,it took a while for the break out and scars to disappear

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