Terence Cao is the biological father of 20-month-old daughter


(Read about the earlier hoo-ha over here and here.)

Although the local actor is pleased to have a daughter, Ms Shi and him still have disagreements over their child support issues.

The 45-year-old had emphasized in his previous interview that he would take responsibility for the child if the DNA paternity tests proved positive.

He had also made the necessary arrangements for the DNA paternity tests initially, but Shimei backed out at the last minute and claimed that she was “unprepared”. She returned to Shanghai with her daughter the next day.

After over one month of speculation, the truth has finally come to light. Shimei came to Singapore two weeks ago to undergo the DNA tests and it is confirmed that Terence is the biological father of her 20-month-old daughter.

Terence’s manager informed all media that his lawyer, Sunil would respond on his client’s behalf on all related matters currently. During a phone interview though, Sunil commented that Terence was ‘pleased’ to have a daughter.

Shimei travelled to Singapore for the third time again recently, hoping that she could settle the child support issues with Terence as soon as possible.

Shimei mentioned that she and her daughter would be residing in Shanghai as Terence has no plans to arrange for their daughter to receive education in Singapore.

She has also requested Terence to contribute 60% of their daughter’s living expenses of around S$1620 monthly, but Terence rejected such condition.

Sunil expressed that Terence ‘would only agree to pay a ‘reasonable’ amount, which could only be determined by the judge.’

Sunil also revealed that Terence had given Shimei his contact details previously, but the latter has yet to contact him.

On the hand, Shimei attempted to contact Terence but he claimed that he was not in town. Sunil was also ‘unaware’ of Terence’s whereabouts.

A picture off her Weibo shows a different woman from all the press pictures that have surfaced.


So after years of whoring around, he has finally gotten his come-uppence from a girl who is willing to tahan the media circus and let his true colours show. I wonder if there will be more surfacing?

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