Sculpt + smooth your way to perfect arms

I mentioned this before but I love, love, LOVE seeing mysterious packages with my name on it. Found one on my work desk when I got in. (Isn’t it funny how stuff only reaches you when you are out of office and no longer eagerly waiting for it?) But anyway, one of my all time favourite brands Nip+Fab sent me an unreleased product! I’ll share a little about Nip+Fab first. Only just a little because I intend to blog about their stuff in my Bodycare 101 series. It’s the brainchild of beauty expert Maria Hatzistefanis of Rodial fame. The Nip+Fab range is aimed at women and men who want to achieve results in double quick time without the fuss and the expense.

Back to the subject, this new Upper Arm Fix comes in their signature green tube. (Blue is for their face range.)

Scent wise, it smells pleasantly flowery, nothing too overpowering. It has a unique combination of active ingredients like blue lotus flower (improves circulation and tones), amarashape (increases the breakdown of fats) and exfoliactive® (targets lines and wrinkles) to help define the appearance and texture of the upper arm area.

It’s consistency is a clear and surprisingly watery. I had expected this to be mildly sticky. Absorption rate is extremely fast cos the substance holds it shape when you squeeze it out of the tube but quickly turns almost to liquid as you massage it into your bicep. I’ll update with results if I see any.

The NIP + FAB Upper Arm Fix will be available from January 2013 at selected Watsons stores in Singapore and at Each turn of 100ml retails for SGD$21.90 each.

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