Merry Coach-mas!

Another lovely early gift from a business partner that came in the mail this morning. I don’t have the heart to tell him that I actually am not a huge fan of Coach (or Kate Spade!) Nothing against them really, I just prefer European brands.

I’m one of those people who carefully unwrap presents to save the paper. Whoever wrapped it put in time and effort to make it look nice and I always appreciate their gesture. Soooooooo after gingerly peeling off the tape and whatnots, I found this:

I thought it was a passport holder at first. I already have one in the same colour which I received for my birthday earlier this year. You can tell from my badly taken picture that it’s really shiny and reflective, kinda like low grade patent leather. The Coach logo is embossed though. My fingerprints and the outside of this are already best friends.

The inside of this is an entirely different story.

It’s a notepad holder! It came complete with the notepad (right) and a little book of sticky notes (left). This particular person knows that I scribble ideas all the time and thought that this would be a good substitute for my mangy notebook WHICH HE FORCIBLY DISCARDED on my behalf last week. I do love this – it’s small and light enough for me to cart around everywhere and it makes me look cooler when I’m taking notes during meetings with brands.

Thanks Marcus. Am I going to get a matchy-matchy Coach pen with this too? Just kidding.

(But if you really want to know, I like the red Hello Kitty Swarovski pen. My birthday is in May.)

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