Christmas Gift Ideas for that Annoying Colleague

I believe most of us have at least 1 asshole colleague who we intensely dislike but are obligated to buy a present for anyway. And there is absolutely nothing better for that asshole than…

“The Smell of a Boy’s Anus” perfume.

Japanese adult goods company, Tamatoys, has unveiled the latest addition to their series of themed fragrance oils: “The Smell of a Boy’s Anus.”

Sold under the tagline, “The forbidden scent…experience that smell one more time”, The Smell of a Boy’s Anus is a “real anal smell bottle” that captures the “pheromone emitted from the anus of a cute boy.” Tamatoys also asserts that “This product does not smell like shit. It is purely the smell of anus.”

And what does that smell like? “It has a strong musky perfume smell, tinged with a pungent odor.” A fancy way, perhaps, of saying it smells like ass.

Please note the quotes; I am not making this up. This is all translated this directly from the product page on Tamatoy’s website (NSFW).

If little boy asscrack is not your choice of poison, perhaps you could consider the other products in  their range?

Waft of School Girl Armpit
Eu de Working Woman Toejam
Holy Scent of Virgin Pee
Odor of Little Sister’s Panties

Smelling like Chanel No. 5 is so yesterday. Just one spritz from the “real anal smell bottle” will keep your friend surrounded by “the pheromones emitted from the anus of a cute boy” all day and ensure that the whole world will know what an ass he is.

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