The Day After Christmas

I’m on GMT +8, so it’s Boxing Day here in Singapore right now. So how was your Christmas? Mine was full of food and laughter. Deep down inside, I’m still a little kid and I find this time of the year so magical. Perhaps it’s because that two holidays are within a week of each other and people tend to be more relaxed and are taking things less seriously. Perhaps it’s also because I like shiny things and presents and lights are abundant during this season =D

Went over to my girlfriend Sephy’s place with the other BFFs for Christmas dinner. It was the best meal I had all year. Gourmet meat and wine flavoured with essence of best friends – what more could a girl ask for? Sephy’s husband is the head chef at Oenotheque by Wine Universe and it’s the first time in 10 years that we were gonna taste his cooking. He trained in Switzerland a few years ago and I was really looking forward to pigging out. I wasn’t disappointed. He served up a selection of meats cured by his own hands *insert impressed face*

Dessert was supplied by yours truly though. Which kinda explains why their pictures are bigger. I made my way across the island to get one of the better cheese cakes available in Singapore. I brought along a mango mousse logcake and a tray of strawberry cheese cake as a gift for the hosts. The sweets got A LOT of attention. Trust this dessert glutton – when I say it’s good, it IS good. I bought them both at Melvados.

There was also a random gift exchange and the boyfriend and I both picked a gift from the same couple – who happened to be my best friend! I haven’t exactly gotten around to unwrapping my presents yet so I’ll do that in another post.

Merry Christmas y’all!

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