12 things in 2012

This year is a rather blah year for me. I spent the entire year slaving away at a job that didn’t appreciate and was detrimental to both my emotional and physical health. That being said, let’s end 2012 with a post that highlights the 12 most outstanding things that I remember from this year. In no particular order….
Chopped off my waist length hair.
Finally got to see Russell Peters live.
Bought my very first Hermès!
Shaved Tuppy bald.
Broke 5 pairs of shoes in 2 months.
Gained a new very good friend – www.myfatpocket.com/herine
Rediscovered (again!) Chef Peter at Mitsuba by Yurine
Quit my job at MyFatPocket.com and left behind another great team.
Went back to Phuket after 10 years.
Watched my little brother go to National Service.
Attended Singapore’s first beauty cruise.
Attained one million pageviews a month for this blog – Thank YOU!
Next year will be my last year as a 20-something and I don’t know what it will bring yet, but I intend to enjoy the ride. C’est la vie and all you know? To all my readers, thank you for your support this year and have a smashing entrance into 2013!

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