The Mandatory Christmas Gifts Show-Off Post

The BF was nagging me today – “You still don’t wanna blog your last post for 2012? You wanna do it in February? Then don’t ask me for ideas on what to blog about okay?” Fine, fine. I’ll do it. (To the BF: You know how much I dislike writing personal posts and taking pictures right? If you took the pics for me and processed them, maybe I wouldn’t put off so many topics. Hmph.)

I already blogged about Christmas Eve and the epic present I gave to the BF here. Incase you’ve forgotten (or, horrors of horrors, HAVE NOT READ IT), this was what I said:

I don’t deserve my boyfriend. I gave him a wet market plastic bag with a secondhand ribbon and he gives me a Swarovski paper bag.

This picture created quite a ruckus on my Facebook page when I posted it. My friends were under the impression that I set a new stingy precedence for gift wrapping. Little did they know that the contents are actually relevant to their wrappers..

I’m kinda embarrassed to actually reveal our respective gifts to be honest. To reiterate – we agreed not to buy gifts for Christmas so I got him a crap present. He loved it though. It’s so…. him. I LOVED mine too. I didn’t realise that he actually was listening to my whining about wanting this and that as I was flipping through the Swarovski catalogue.

Tadah! My sparkly shiny new Christmas Hello Kitty pen! The thoughtful boy even got it in red to matchy match the Coach notepad my friend gave me. I can’t bear to use it yet. I’m deathly afraid that the kitty will fall off into oblivion somewhere. I keep taking it out of it’s protective casing to admire it though. Tuppy keeps wanting to have a sniff at it but he always ends up getting smacked on his nose =D

And my turn now: his very-heavy-wrapped-and-decorated-in-5-seconds gift.
A kilogram of delicious, crackling pork knuckle. This thing was HUGE. Almost the size of my head really. The amazing bit about this is not the gift wrap or choice of gift. It’s the fact that the BF finished this monster. By himself. In an hour. I’m not too sure if I should be proud or disgusted.

My family was actually waiting for him to give up and go away so they could have the rest for dinner. My dad thought I was shitting him when I told him that it was all gone. I had a couple of bites that barely made in dent in the hunk of meat. Tuppy had a very good time chewing on the bone that night. Not a bad present, made both my loves happy!

Christmas day was spent with the BF’s ex-colleagues.

We went fishing, had a super sumptuous meal that consisted of pork and chicken and beef and prawns and fish (overkill, I know) and went to karaoke for the first time together in 10 years. We learned 2 lessons that day. Don’t ever let girls with eyes bigger than their stomachs order; we are never going back to karaoke again. We’re both Chinese impaired and were awfully uncomfortable in a situation where we didn’t understand a word.

Urgh. This is turning out to be an awfully long post isn’t it? I’ll get around to the showing off bit, like now.

Hello Kitty Candies (I love the plush cosmetic pouch!)

More Hello Kitty… earphones this time.

Mandatory chocolates. At least there are Godivas.

Terribad random exchange. Not my style nor colour. I like the little turquoise bag though.

Shitload of Sephora eye makeup. (Herine, no need sponsor me liao!)

L’Occitane Solid perfume set.

Lip masks, to add on to my mask addiction.

SK-II Christmas Special set.

SK-II travel set.

Christian Dior makeup palette. Look at the casing! Squee!

Liz Lisa x My Melody canvas tote~

Kate Spade case.. not too sure what is this used for O.o

My MUST HAVE Laniege Sleeping Pack.









Santa wasn’t the only one who came this Christmas.

2 thoughts on “The Mandatory Christmas Gifts Show-Off Post

  1. Wallsie says:

    HiHi! This is my first visit to your blog! Really loved the gift exchange between your boyf and you, that was funny!

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