Solo trip to Johor Premium Outlet

Yet another lifestyle blogpost… what is this blog coming to!? I’ll blame it on the fact that I’m on leave right now and am extremely free and thus have a social life again.

I made a trip by myself a couple of days ago to Johor since I haven’t been to the Premium Outlet yet.

Boasting more than 80 designer and brand name outlet stores, one can get savings of 25% – 65% (and sometimes even more!) daily. Familiar names such as Adidas, Salvatore Ferragamo, La Senza, Coach, Cotton On and many other brands have products at discounted prices in here.

I got the information above from Johor Premium Outlet’s website and thought that my Mastercard could get a good workout. Sad to say, I left JPO with only 2 items.

I religiously went into each and every store. The luxury and high street labels don’t have much of a price cut going on. I could get better prices for the same items by purchasing them at sites such as Reebonz or getting someone to help me buy them from USA or Europe instead. I saw a Coach bag which I have, and bought at SGD $380, retailing at RM 2,100 (about SGD $845). It’s a great chance to catch up on past season stocks which might have gone off the shelves already though.

At apparel shops, there weren’t much sizes to choose from. I had my choice of XXXS, XXS, XXL and XXXL. Even the shoe shops didn’t have anything smaller than a size 8. I guess Asian ladies are all the same size!

Surprisingly, the only place I made a purchase was at Malaysian owned Vincci. I love goth looking metal accessories but own less than 3 cos I have highly sensitive skin and can only wear the real deal. I get really bad rashes when the metals are cheap alloys. That being said, I can only buy luxury jewellery (think Bvlgari) or extremely cheap ones that go for 3 for $10 so I can discard them without heartbreak. Problem is, the kind of heavy metal prices I like aren’t exactly cheap. I’m not too keen on spending $35 on a bracelet to wear it only once. Or to spend $3,500 on a bracelet that I can wear everyday but will get bored of soon.

And so there was a good deal at Vincci and I have 2 new accessories!

I love the fastener of my bracelet (top). It’s a buckle! These 2 cost my RM 30 (SGD $12) in total since it was a buy 1 get 1 offer. Their usual prices are RM 129 (SGD $52) for the bracelet, and RM 89 (SGD $36) for the necklace. Happiness – I saved $76!

I went back by bus to City Square Mall (near customs) to have lunch and to shop more. Bad idea… half the mall was still down for renovation. They’ve been renovating since August! I got lost in there for awhile cos most of the shops I frequent were closed, permanently closed, or moved to another unit.

Searched high and low for a quaint little coffee shop that I always go to when I’m in City Square… they’re still around! They serve the standard kopitiam fare such as kaya toast and eggs.

Their friendly boss wasn’t around this time and service REALLY sucked. They used to have a set menu special of the above picture at RM 7.50, which is what I have been ordering for years. The menu changed and everything is ala carte now but the young boy didn’t seem to understand me when I said that I’ll have a coffee, toast and eggs. He insisted several times that they don’t do sets any more and I can’t order a set. I repeatedly told him that I’m not ordering a set and I just want my coffee, bread and eggs! It got to the point where I had to point to another table’s exact same order and tell him to just serve me that. I heard him complaining to his colleague in malay that I should have just told him that I want 1 coffee, 2 eggs and 3 sets of toast. Okay…. and how is that different from what I said again?

My softboiled eggs took forever to come. I understand that there is definitely a waiting time of at least 5 minutes but it doesn’t take 15 minutes! I asked the same young boy where’s my order and he said that it’ll come in 3 minutes. 3 minutes later, I ask another aunty for my order and she said that it’s in the kitchen and she’ll bring it out now. Mind you, the place was practically empty and their kitchen has a open concept where customers can see into it. I saw her walk in and only then, start preparing my order. I hate F&B places that lie to their customers. I’ll definitely feedback this to their boss when I see him next.

Being the cheapo jobless-thus-poor person I am, I headed straight for F.O.S (Factory Outlet Stores, self explanatory) after my meal. FOS retail stores sometimes have really great bargains. I’ve seen Hugo Boss shirts going for RM 69 (SGD $28) a piece. I like meandering around the store and ransacking their shelves to see what I can find. Wasn’t disappointed this time too, left with a Forever 21 basic tank, 2 H&M lace tanks and a 5-pack hipster panties from H&M too. I would have spent at least SGD $60 if I had gotten them in Singapore. My total damage for all 8 items? RM 65, a mere SGD $26!

And people always wonder why I keep going to Malaysia.

There are several ways to travel to City Square/Johor Premium Outlet from Singapore (and back):

Bus No. Route Travelling Time Fare
CW 1 Kranji MRT – JB Sentral 20 mins S$0.80
CW 2 Queen Street – JB Sentral 45 mins S$2.40
CW 3 Jurong East MRT  – 2nd Link 40 mins S$3.00
CW 5 Newton Circus – JB Sentral 35 mins S$2.00
CW 6 Boon Lay – 2nd Link 30 mins S$3.00
Resort World Sentosa – JPO 2 hrs S$10.00 (from RWS)
RM 15 (from JPO)

*CW 4 also departs from Jurong East MRT to 2nd Link.

Hop on JPO1 or JPO 2 at either JP Sentral or 2nd Link JBCIQ to get to Johor Premium Outlet. S$2.00 for a one way trip. City Square JB is accessible via an overhead bridge from JB Sentral.

3 thoughts on “Solo trip to Johor Premium Outlet

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  2. Raffy says:

    The bus fares have increased since your review. I visited the outlet center on 28 March 2015 during an unusually steep discount period, coming away with some serious deals on Ralph Lauren items. The JP01 line is not 4.50 and CW5 is 3.50 … still a bargain though. Happy shopping!

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