Take This F#*%!$@ing Glitter Nail Polish Off

What do these nail polishes have in common other than being really pretty and sparkly?

Top left to bottom right: Razzle Dazzle, Lady Sings The Blues, Boom Boom Pow, Happy Birthday, Across The Universe, Today Was A Fairytale, Glitter In The Air, Some Enchanted Evening.

They are a pain in the fucking ass to remove.

Not just the ones with large glitter pieces – some of the shimmery polishes can leave you looking like you have Edward Cullen’s sparkly hands. Unless it involves some violence and self mutilation, it can be damn nearly impossible to remove these properly.

Some of the common ways I’ve heard of are painstakingly using a year’s supply of cotton pads and polish remover, chipping it off, filing before using remover or the lazy way out – letting your nails grow out and just cutting them off.

Others use the Frankenstein method. Just like taking off gelish, soak a cotton pad with remover (preferably acetone) and place it on your nail then wrap up your finger with aluminium foil.

It’s quite effective really. The duration varies from brand to brand of polish remover but anywhere from 3 – 10 minutes is a safe bet. You’ve gotta trial and error with your own. On the downside, it can hurt your skin if your remover is too strong. You may even end up with pruney fingers. And it’s an absolute waste of aluminium foil. There is a way to “cheat” though. This picture explains everything.


I do something else entirely to get rid of glitter polishes. Especially the ones with large hexagonal pieces. Even with all the finger wrapping shown above, you sometimes can still have stubborn shineys stuck to your nail and have no choice but to pry them off forcibly. This is damaging to your nail and can leave scratches and dents. My favourite method?

Felt. Yup, you read that right. This simple craftstore material is a dream when it comes to annihilating glitter manicures. It’s sturdy enough to not break apart, yet absorbs polish remover well. The fibers in this cloth catch on to the edges of glitter and help tug them off. I generally need a 10cm x 10cm piece to remove my manicure and pedicure. I get a pack of 10 A4 pieces from Daiso.

And last but not least, always apply moisturizer to your nails when you’re done and stay off polishes for a little while to let them breathe.

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