Art or Argh?

Think you know art and fashion? Don’t get cocky. Okay, bad pun there. Photographer Armin Morbach marries humor, sex and fashion in a brief editorial for German magazine Horst.

screamcensoredWarning: Every picture from here on will be uncensored and not safe for work.

All the articles I’ve read so far are in foreign languages so I don’t have much background story about this. My poor Spanish skills kinda says that Armin Morbach believes that gender equality and fashion have grown hand in hand (or in his case, cock in hand) during the second half of this last century.

In a sophisticated macabre fashion editorial, he shows us how a man’s manhood can showcase his personality and fashion sense.


Something funny happened as i was uploading the last picture to my Facebook page:

I wonder who was the one who… decorated the set. And how did the models not get a hard on while their set was being decorated? I guess we’ll never know.

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