Benefit Cosmetics’ Fake Up Hydrating Concealor

Benefit Cosmetics (originally established as “The Face Place” in San Francisco by Jean & Jane Ford in 1976)  is a brand that is is all about fun, fun and more fun. Their founders have plenty of kitschy sayings like “who says makeup has to be serious” and “laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it” but my all time favourite has got to be:


This is my personal mantra in life. It’s no wonder that I love Benefit’s cosmetics so much. (I swear by their POREfessional.) Their fake-it products instantly solve beauty dilemmas that plague all of us girls.

Come this April, they’re rolling out a new lifesaver to stop people from mistaking you for this guy’s relative.

(Off-topic: Overheard on the radio today – 5 minutes of looking at cute animal pictures perks your flagging efficiency right up.)

And Benefit being Benefit, they can’t just simply launch a new product and go “hey lookie! we’ve got a new concealer!”. They have to go the extra mile and have an entire brand image for this called….

FakeUp comes in 3 different shades (01 Light, 02 Medium, 03 Dark) and claims to instantly hide dark circles and diffuse fine lines with silky smooth coverage.

The biggest peeve I have with concealers is that they congeal and cake after a couple of hours (or minutes!) and emphasise your fines lines while hiding your dark eye rings. I usually have to mix in some moisturizer or serum with my regular concealer to keep this problem at bay. It doesn’t always work either.

Also, most of them come with a wand or one of those clickity-click-click-a-million-times brushes that’s not exactly great for application with serum/moisturizer.

Fortunately, FakeUp comes in a lipstick style packaging that is stylish, handy and has built in hydration.
Not too sure why their stylized shot is that purplish. The true colour of the packaging is closer to the picture I shot.

See the white outside ring? That’s where the magic is. Called the “hydrating ring”, it contains Vitamin E and apple seed extract. The concealing core in obviously your instant fixer-upper and also has a light-reflecting technology that leaves a healthy, natural and radiant glow. Benefit also claims that this has been proven to keep skin hydrated for 6 hours.

My picture above shows 01 Light, and the following two includes 02 Medium and 03 Dark. You can compare the studio shots and natural light shot to gauge the shades.

There is one other reason why I find this amazing. There are tons of cosmetics out there that call themselves hydrating and moisturizing and yadah yadah yadah.

They all have one thing in common, they generally look like this:(Picture for illustration only, I have nothing against this lipstick.)

Their hydrating bit is in the center. Benefit’s FakeUp is surrounded by a hydrating ring. Doesn’t take a genius to understand which one delivers more moisturizing effects.

I’ve worn this for a full day out (about 10 hours) and it’s lightweight texture stayed the same throughout. No caking, seeping into fine lines or loss of coverage. I did have to touch up once towards the end of the day though. It’s pretty normal I guess, with my bad eye rubbing habit and sebum friendly skin.

FakeUp can be worn under or over makeup which makes it super convenient for touch ups. Just a simple swipe of the tube under both eyes, and a little ring finger blending.

I’ve also discovered a nifty multi-use for this – streak it across the apple of your cheekbones as a highlighter! It puts a beautiful dewy glow to your face. My shade is Medium, so I’ve been using Light as highlight. I’m guessing using Dark as contour isn’t gonna work though.

This review consists of products found in the press pack from FakeUp’s media launch.


FakeUp will be available at all Benefit Cosmetics counters island-wide from April 2013. Each 35g tube retails for SGD $38.00.

3 thoughts on “Benefit Cosmetics’ Fake Up Hydrating Concealor

  1. Elizabeth Tay says:

    doesn’t go over very well with erase paste. you would have think that same company items can work well together.

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