L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3: The $40 Laser Treatment

Okay, it’s actually not one cream – it’s a skincare trio.

This is a HUGE thing to be claiming. Traditionally, dermatological procedures have always outdone off-the-shelf skincare. We’ve all heard about the fabled bottled botox or hope in a jar but nothing really beats the results you’ll get with clinical treatments.

Until now.

Well, even if you don’t give a fuck about beauty and creams and wrinkles, I would guess that you’ve heard of L’Oreal Paris. There’s no way you haven’t. According to them (and I agree as well), they’re a holistic beauty company who deal with all sorts of beauty stuff. From skin to hair to cosmetics, they’ve got you covered. The L’Oreal warehouse would be a good place to hide during a zombie apocalypse if they started producing food and weapons. The only downside? The other survivors are gonna wanna mate with you to repopulate the desolate world cos you’re so damned beautiful. Flip ’em off, flip your lustrous L’Oreal EverPure enhanced hair and mate with only the ones who were smart enough to hide with you in the warehouse “because they’re worth it”.

Okay bad pun. I kid and I digressed. Wikipedia says that they’re the biggest beauty company in the world, which translates to some serious money for research and development. That’s why you can be sure that anything they put out to market is going to be rather scientifically advanced.

And with their latest offering, Revitalift Laser X3, they’re “pushing the limits of skincare like never before”.

Basically, L’Oréal took a look at at the laser rejuvenating skincare treatments available in clinics. These treatments use light energy (IPL aka intense pulsed light) and work by slightly damaging the skin tissue – which stimulates a healing mechanism and the production of collagen. Post-treatment, skin tone, firmness, radiance and youthfulness are all improved. However, the downside of these is that they are pricey and can range from hundreds to thousands.

Enter L’Oreal’s new anti-aging range with their hero ingredient Pro-Xylane. Long story short, Pro-Xylane stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin and also acts as a tissue re-tightening agent to enhance firmness. The trio works together to reduce pores, correct lines, and the replump skin.

Revitalift Laser X3 Renewing Anti-Aging Serum
Tiny discrepancy in the image above, on the right. My bottle is actually round with a clear cap. I lifted the image from the L’Oreal website. This has already been launched in USA and China so I assume that they have this squarish one.

For some strange reason, I need quite a bit of this. The first time I applied this, I had to use two and a half pumps. Almost two for my entire face, and the leftovers and half for my neck. I was thinking in my head, “this is gonna be pricey in the long run…”. After about a week, the amount has decreased to one and a half pumps.

This lightweight serum glides on smoothly, absorbs fairly quickly and has an enjoyable flowery scent. For something that has alcohol in its ingredient list, it didn’t trigger my usual irritations although it does leave a few red (non-itchy) spots on my problem areas.

The serum contains micro-particles that are full of active ingredients so, for optimum application, give them time to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

This product is suitable for morning and evening use over thoroughly cleansed face and neck. It is complimentary to the Anti-Aging Cream, so I’ll talk about results in the next paragraph.

Price: SGD $49.90 (30ml)

Revitalift Laser X3 New Skin Anti-Aging Cream

Have I mentioned that I love the packaging for this series? No? Well, I love it. I think it looks so chic and stylish. There’s a good sturdy feel to all three of them. I detest skincare that comes in cheap plastic containers. They make me feel like if they’re not willing to spend on aesthetics, the ingredients aren’t gonna be so hot either.

New skin anti-aging is a versatile cream that can be used day and night, though I use this only at night.

Initially I went for the whole shebang and put on the trio day and night but I soon developed some of those annoying little white bumps on my T-zone. I put it down to PMS but I spoke to a fellow blogger and she had the same symptoms. We both “erupted” on day 2!

Don’t run away yet, it’s only a little problematic to me cos I have skin that rebels against certain creams. Plus I stopped using some of my regular skincare (aka my miracle water and some other stuff) so it might have been a factor as well.
I’ll call this a light cream for girls with normal skin. Application is easy, but personally I thought the absorption rate is not quite what I assumed, given the results with the serum. My face feels a little sticky to the touch up to an hour after I’ve applied this, but it is not an uncomfortable feeling. There is a manageable oily sheen the morning after.

But boy does this work or what! The non-problematic areas – my U-zone – definitely have “resurfaced” and “replumped” skin. The texture is virtually lineless and poreless. I’m kinda amazed at this though. My skin really does look like I just stepped out from a facial. The first time I used this together with the serum, results weren’t instantaneous but I noticed some difference within a couple of hours. I literally saw that the sides of my face were smoother and dewier.

On my large pore areas (above the brow bone and beside the nose), my pores are definitely smaller, though the surface is still uneven. Can’t ask for perfection, I’m just glad that this is shrinking the craters on my face!

I’ll try using this twice a day during the later part of this year since I don’t fare well with creams during hot weather.

This product is suitable for morning and evening use over thoroughly cleansed face and neck. It is complimentary to the Anti-Aging Serum.

Price: SGD $39.90 (50ml)

Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream
This one, THIS ONE, is DA BOMB.

We’ll talk about the basics first alright? It does mildly tighten skin and “unpuff”. I cried on one of the nights cos I was watching Hachiko so I woke up with goggly goldfish eyes and this eye cream helped to take away some of the puffiness, almost immediately! Tiny little dehydration lines under my eyes have also disappeared and I think that the area under my brow bone has a nicer contour/definition. I like the fact that this has no scent to it, eliminating at least one irritant that should never be in eye creams.

I also like that this comes with an in-built metallic applicator that leaves a cool, refreshing feel whenever I apply my eye cream. I generally follow up with massaging in the cream with my fingers for better absorption though. This sinks in quite fast.

One thing I dislike about the packaging is that it traps air and farts whenever I squeeze the tube, thus expelling a little bit of cream that I’ll have to catch on my hand. It has happened every single time and it’s not due to the wand tip since I have other (plastic) products with the same design.

On to the amazing bit of this.

I have monolids that are sadly sagging with age, and combined with my regular use of double eyelid tape/stickers, they developed wrinkle creases where I have been propping up my lids. This would be a good thing if my lids behaved like every one elses’ and folded into double eyelids but the horrible tragedy is that I just end up having really obvious wrinkly and creased monolids that fold under.


I kid you not, there isn’t even a faint trace of them anymore. It’s like they never existed. I have never met an eye cream like this before. Truly, I am bowled over by this product. This gets a 11/10 from me. Goodbye pocket burning Wrinkle Specialist. We’ve had some good times but you have been usurped.

Now, I wonder if I can use this on my nasolabial folds to the same effect? I am *this* close to trying.

Use this product on cleansed eye contour zone and gently massage in with fingertips.

Price: SGD $37.90 (15ml)


The Revitalift Laser X3 range is something that I will be urging my friends to try (I already have actually) since it has shown results in only a week. Imagine using this long term – it’s only gonna get better.

I used this with the legendary Youth Code Pre-Essence from day two and added in Facial Treatment Essence about four days into the trial. The trio absorbs much better and much faster with the addition of these two products. After all, Youth Code is meant to boost the effectiveness of your skincare.

One of the L’Oreal folks said at the event, “results from long term use skincare can plateau and stop improving your skin“. I never really thought about it this way but he makes a lot of sense. I really was wondering a few weeks ago why I can’t push my skin to look any better. I’ll definitely be continuing to use products from this series as a mixer upper to re-kickstart my quest for perfection.

This review consists of products from L’Oreal’s blogger preview event.

The L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 range will be available at all L’Oreal beauty counters island-wide from March 2013.

8 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3: The $40 Laser Treatment

  1. Myraah Jills says:

    Looked expensive, smelled like Chanel, felt a bit more like avon going on though. Quite heavy. It reduced my frown lines where others have failed.

  2. Katherine says:

    After a few weeks of use I am pleased with the results of Revitalift. The cream is a nice texture and absorbs nicely. I used to suffer from lines radiating from my eyes to my temples, due to drying skin, but this is now smooth and well moisturised

  3. Evaleen Tan says:

    Just wondering.. can I use and apply the RevitaLift Laser x 3 new skin anti aging cream WITHOUT anything else from loreal skincare range? I just bought the revitalift laser x3 skincare product today. Sooo worried about my wrinkles on my forehead, I have damn a lot of troubles and is damn troublesome in managing my fringe. Because of those horrible ugly wrinkles, I will look ugly with them whenever I pin up my whole fringe!

    I’m already 22 years old, I’ve NOT passed 30 yrs yet!! And I”m already getting wrinkles. Worst is that I have small eyes and NO double eyelids and have high eyebrows. I have no idea what to do with my eyebrows too.

    Please respond, thanks! Anything PM to my fb.. Because I may forget to come back to your blog.
    I just happened to looked through people’s blog about reviewing skincare products.

      • Sara says:

        Hey i m 24 years old and don’t have any visible lines around my eyes…. i got Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream as a gift…. i have dark circles though so can i use it for this purpose or should i avoid it as it is for 30+

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