Was away, am back.

I’ve been missing the whole of this week… for a good reason. This was the view I woke up to every morning:
I went on a mini staycation at Siloso Beach Resort on Sentosa.

Sitting at the heart of Singapore’s hippest beach, the resort’s strategic location and lush foliage within its surroundings combine to give guests a variety of choices from beach bumming to bar hopping.

Each room also has bay-windows (aka the picture above from my room) that overlooks the beach. It can get noisy on weekends when the young people come out to play and the bars are booming techno music all night long.

Loved that nature was all around on the premises. There were so many flowers and plants and insects and even friendly little squirrels who scampered around during breakfast.

Speaking of which, breakfast sucked. The spread was small, mostly tasteless and boring. I liked their pastries though – I saw them being baked at the buffet area so they’re definitely not factory manufactured. Their coffee, called “Siloso Blend” was also a gorgeous delight on the tongue.

I read some reviews on TripAdvisor which mentioned that their counter staff are not too polite or professional. They were pretty polite to me, but definitely not smart. At this moment, I am being charged more than SGD $3,000 for an SGD $621 stay. According to my bank, I had already been charged the first time they swiped my card but due to some error on their end the payment was not recognized by their system. It ended up with my card being swiped 5 times in total with each payment reflecting in my bank’s system. Thank God I set a $1,000 credit limit on my card. I would have been blindly paying a few thousand bucks cos I generally don’t check my accounts. They better get this sorted out… I am all ready to raise hell and high water if their finance department doesn’t reverse the charges.

Their beautiful spring water pool did wonders to temper my… temper. I did absolutely nothing (except drive out to eat) but this every day:

Another happy memory made. Thanks baby.

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