[18 Mar 2013] Manicure Monday

We’ve all been there.

Walking around the house doing our little errands with freshly painted nails and… *stick* – you accidentally brush or press your still wet paws onto something!

There is a rather unhygienic and unsafe way to salvage your manicure. This method has saved me from redoing my nails countless times. All you gotta do is…

Lick ’em.

Serious, no joke. French kiss the affected area firmly and it will smoothen out. Some people suggest using the back of a cold spoon but it leaves ridges. This licking method doesn’t.

Nail polish tastes like crap though. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

3 thoughts on “[18 Mar 2013] Manicure Monday

  1. Nail Luxxe says:

    Love the colour! What name/brand is it?
    Also as a side point, you shouldn’t ingest nail varnish. It’s seriously bad for your health and could have devastating consequences depending on what chemicals are in it. Not trying to be a spoil sport but just think people should be aware. Does a layer/another layer of topcoat not help?

    • chrystal says:

      I… have no idea what colour this is – found this pic off Pinterest! Kinda looks like Deborah Lippmann’s Naked though, given the orangey overcast of the image.
      And yes, it is extremely unhealthy to be “eating” your polish but sometimes even Seche Vite can’t salvage the manicure. I personally try not to do this too often, only when I need to rush out of the office with freshly painted nails!

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