[08 April 2013] Manicure Monday

Ask any polish junkie and we’ll admit – no matter how many shades, fragrances or formulations are thrown our way we are still restless for more. Even if we find that perfect polish, after a while we’ll wish it was a bit more “something”. Deeper in color, smoother in feel, slightly more floral, etc. Let’s face it, we’re just never satisfied!

As we’ve learned from magazines, makeup artists and our fellow product junkies, beauty is like Burger King; we can have it our way. All it takes is a little customizing. Whether it’s layering your favorite perfumes to create a signature scent, mixing your moisturizer in with your foundation to make it sheer and dewy or blending eight different shadows to achieve that perfect smokey eye, we love to alter and combine our favorite products.

In the world of lacquer it’s no different. When we can’t find the color we want we become kids again, mixing lacquer like we used to mix our finger paints. It’s all about experimenting, letting your imagination go and relying on our childhood art lessons about the color wheel. Say it with me folks, yellow and blue make green.

There are two methods of customizing polish:

  • Layering – Using multiple layers of different colors to create the desired shade
  • Mixing – Combining two or more lacquers in a bottle (aka Frankenpolish)

The Queen of Mixing Polishes – Dr. Frankenpolish – has a nifty 101 guide that I’ll be sharing today. (All images belong to her unless otherwise stated!)

Frankening is a great way to use up colours that you longer like, and to wear a polish that absolutely no one else has. Personally, my frankens are full of large hexagonal glitters cos the market simply just didn’t have much to choose from a few years ago and I had to resort to making my own.

What you’ll need:

Empty bottle Various polishes
Various glitters (optional) Funnel of any kind
Mixing sticks Art palette

And the most important ingredient:

Ball bearings. These help to mix your polish together and will save your hours and hours of manual bottle shaking. In Singapore, they are available at stores like Self-Fix.

You can choose not to use these but really, your polish will not gel together properly with it. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that.

Making your own polish:

Step 1 (The Test): A few drops of your base colour in the palette. Step 2 (The Test): Shake in your glitter or add-on colour as needed.
Step 3 (The Test): Mix it up. Step 4 (The Test): Swatch it to make sure you’re happy.
Step 5: Funnel at the ready. Step 6: Add your polish or glitter.
Step 7: Add 2 – 3 ball bearings. Step 8: Shake hard.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a unique nail polish colour!

Frankening doesn’t always have to involve complicated stuff like pieces of glitter or other polishes. You could always just add base coat (Seche Vite not recommended) to lighten a colour that you already have.

Have fun!

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