Food for thought

The BF and I have been pigging out recently. We’re spending like $100 on every meal! I think it’s cos he knows that I’m sliding back towards my crazy dieting ways (where I eat only once a day) and is successfully tempting me into eating all my favourite foods.

I’m really lazy today, so enjoy the pictures.

Hotate Sashimi @ Mitsuba by Yurine Shisamo @ Mitsuba by Yurine
Green Tea/Black Sesame Mochi @ Mitsuba by Yurine Super Spicy/Cheese Fried Wings @ NeNe Chicken
Veal Chilli Cheese Nachos @ Smokey’s St. Louis Ribs @ Smokey’s
Haru Chirashi @ Mitsuba by Yurine Uni @ Mitsuba by Yurine
Baby Back Ribs @ Smokey’s Snow/King Crab Legs @ Momiji
Beer, duh. The best damned Tamago sushi.

There’s super a lot more photos but… it’s a rainy evening and that is an excellent excuse for me to stop processing them. Looking at all these again has made me hungry so it’s nommy time. Heh.


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