[15 Apr 2013] Manicure Monday

I personally love matte top coats. Sure, high shine glossy manicures are oh-so-beautiful to look at but a matte finish changes the whole game. Just look:

There are a couple of brands in the market which carry matte top coats but I favor Essie’s Matte About You. There are also ready matte polishes, but I’d rather change my polish as and when I prefer as compared to having a forever non-glossy colour.

Matte top coats does leave some shine as compared to ready polish though.

Perhaps it’s Orly’s Matte (which is why I prefer Essie’s) that doesn’t really dull the colour. As you can see, the matte version of OPI’s Royal Navy is hugely different from their normal version.

You can stripe polish across your manicure instead of just using it as a top coat.

In Singapore, Essie’s Matte About You ranges from $18 – $35, depending on where you get it from. Which is really expensive for a top coat really.


There’s a cheap trick to this! All you need is some corn starch. Two ways you can go about it:

Adding it to a bottle of clear top coat.

Which I do not recommend because it’s messy and damn difficult to mix to get a smooth consistency or..

Mixing a small amount in a bowl or palette. It can be tricky to judge the amount you need but it’s so much easier to achieve a smooth blend.

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