Fashionable Perverts

My ex-colleagues and I had a Skype group chat where we ranted and raved. It wasn’t really uncommon to have all of us simultaneously bursting out in laughter in our very, very quiet office cos we were all just talking nonsense on Skype.

There was a time when our latest topic was…. well, “bukake“. We mean the one in Point #2, Def 1. Yes, we are sick and we were discussing this cos I was doing research for aesthetic treatments and found out that semen makes your skin smooth and silky. Which is why this blog post appeared.

(Side note: One of the group chat girls blurted out “no wonder my tummy is so smooth!” upon finding out that semen makes for nice skin…)

And so.. being us – the fashionable people, we’re fashionable even when we’re being perverts. Behold one of our horrible group chats that are the reasons for our outbursts:
If you guys are reading this, I miss all of you!

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