[13 May 2013] Manicure Monday

Be warned: more a ranting post than sharing today. And stay away if you’re squeamish. No bloody images though.

I bloody hate sliding glass doors. Especially the ones where the grooves haven’t been cleaned in donkey years and opening it takes a lot of energy to maneuver and most of us girls don’t have the arm strength to open or close it smoothly. It’s like an arm workout every time we meet one.

Broke my nail in December (right before Christmas & CNY!!!!) when my hand slipped cos of an extremely stiff door. This one hurt like a motherfucker. You can see that the crack went all the way into my nail bed. I had a tough time growing this out. And every time I shampooed my hair was a toe curling event since this wound smarted like crazy.

Guess who broke another nail that took 3 months to grow?


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