You can’t Live without the R

Mysterious bundle sent to my doorstep… looks like something the BF would send to lift my mood since I’ve been tired and cranky…

Ohhh it’s a really soft teddy bear.. really does make me happier! Thank you BF!

Eh scratch that. Thank you Brands! (Bloody lousy BF, where’s my teddy bear from you?)

The team at Brands specially picked out a little something they thought would make my day just a little bit better 🙂

In the card, they shared that if one is feeling out of sorts, low in energy, moody or stiff and achy all over with a throbbing headache that just won’t quit or maybe even sporting a couple of stubborn zits that refuse to die – all these may be a sign of an unhealthy liver.

Some other little known symptoms are:
Brown spots on your skin, inability to lose weight, bad breath, body odour, headaches, lethargy, easy bruising and acne, among others.

Okayyy… I suffer from 5 of the above (no, I don’t have breath or BO problems) but my dad regular forces animal liver down my throat so it should help my liver?

Brands says:
Contrary to popular belief, eating animal innards will neither strengthen nor reduce the damage done to our liver. Likewise, the regeneration and repair abilities of our liver are directly related to our dietary habits and lifestyle factors.

As the largest internal organ in our body, the liver functions as our main “biochemical power plant” and “detoxifying clearing house”. Performing hundreds of functions every day, our liver removes harmful substances from the blood, makes bile to help digest fat, detoxifies waste, produces plasma proteins necessary for blood clotting and stores energy.

Which brings us back to today’s blog title:Brands Sesamin with Schisandra extract protects, strengthens and activates the liver enzyme system to strengthen detoxification functions and promote liver cell regeneration. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant, scavenging free radicals that cause damage.

You can find out if your liver is healthy or not over at Brands’ healthy living website. Mine is in relatively good shape, what about yours? I hope every body has a good healthy liver. Brands sesamine with schisandra extract is here to help though.

Price: SGD $48 (120 tablets, or 30 days supply)


Bonus picture!
I’m not the only happy one! This rude Tuppy plonked himself right in the frame as I was trying to take pictures. He has an unnatural fondness for furry/fluffy toys.

2 thoughts on “You can’t Live without the R

  1. Jaime says:

    I bot this for my mother… she says there is no effect? This is another paid blog by the brand? Bloggers should not be lying about these things.

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