Sherbert the Crustacean

Way before prawning became the “in” thing to do, I was already doing it. I’m the bimbotic prawner though. I refuse to touch live bait and prawns with gigantic claws. There are several places I frequent based on my mood on the day. I go to Hai Bin (at Bishan) for their big prawns, Happy Prawning (at Pasir Ris) for the atmosphere, *name censored* (at *location censored*) for the exclusivity and the crayfish you can catch. and more recently, D’Kranji with Smellie. I’m not telling you what the censored bits are cos the owners have said that they’ll put in less crayfishes when there’s more crowd. To be honest, I am not too sure if they are crayfishes or yabbies or something else entirely…

Had a relatively small catch recently, only bagged about 30 pieces with 1 rods in 3 hours, but mostly reasonably large size prawns.

See my friend with the scary big claws in the middle of the pic? I caught him! *proud thump to chest* Initially, I thought that my hook got stuck on a rock cos it wasn’t coming up. So I did the typical wave your rod around to dislodge it… and my line started moving towards the far end of the pool! Kinda stressed at this point since a moving line might mean a swimmer and I already possibly screwed around with the hook and could easily lose that bugger.

So, I tugged abit and felt an unusually heavy weight at the end of my line. At this point I was really not sure what I had. It could have been my hook on a rock and a passerby prawn’s claw dragging my line out so I thought to myself “Aiya, just whack and see what comes up, at most re-tie line only”. I then quite firmly pulled my line out of the water and had one of the most fun fights in my years of prawning. Whatever I had wasn’t going down without a fight and it took me a good 3 minutes to land him. I caught a very tasty looking shellfish! (For some reason, I promptly named him Sherbert.)

The BF pretending that my catch is his.

But really, he caught a much bigger crustacean, just that it was a regular prawn.

After naming him and all, we bagged our catches and went home where we.. ate Sherbert and friends. He made a very nice additional to my Aglio Olio pasta that night. The BF says I’m mad, naming something and then eating it. I feel zero pity for shellfish in general. I can eat them even if I’ve named them!

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