No menu? No problem.

I had the privilege of dining at No Menu awhile back with a group of colleagues. No Menu is operated by the Forlinos (of Forlino’s fame and helmed by Michelin awarded Chef Osvaldo Forlino).

A rather large group of us unexpectedly turned up at the restaurant and we were escorted to the private room above stairs. The room is simple, but beautifully decorated with Italian art pieces and knick-knacks scattered through out. As the establishment name implies, there is no menu and we had a server who rattled off the day’s specials from memory. Unfortunately our memory sucked and we’d already forgotten everything he said when he was done.

Machine gun memory menu man. Alliteration rocks.

For starters, we had a Parma Ham & Cheese platter, as well as White Truffles over Eggs.

Known as the diamonds of the culinary world, truffles are prized all over the world for their pungent aroma and distinct flavor. A short season makes truffles all the more valuable, causing farmers across Italy and France to go into a truffle frenzy to find these delicious tubers. The white truffles we had are even more precious. The maitre d’ explained that white truffles are found only in winter, and farmers have to traverse slippery slopes and steep cliffs to gather these babies while keeping their tracks hidden so competitors can’t see where they have went!

These fungi are terribly expensive (personally, I think overpriced) and one would have to pay by the gram for a taste. The man of the hour (aka the one who paid) was super generous and shelled out for more than 10g of these delicacies. And yes, they do weigh exactly how much has been shaved off.

We were offered Roast Beef with Potatoes or Lobster Pasta Aglio Olio for mains  and almost all the girls went for pasta, and the boys had beef. And boy was the beef good! I kinda regretted going for the pasta. It was good too, but the beef was out of this world. I believe my fork made quite a few forays over the my neighbours’ beef delight.

No dessert pictures cos I had to rush off for a meeting but this is definitely a place where I would revisit. I’m pretty sure they’re relatively pricey though, so will save this for special occasions.

No Menu is located at 23 Boon Tat Street.

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