V 10 Plus Serum and Water Based Peeling

Herine brought me as her plus-one to V 10 Plus’s Star Blogger event held at Spa Symphony sometime last month. I’m not big on going to blogger events but I’ve heard good things about V 10 Plus serums and thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more (and get the product for free… hahahhahaha.)

I liked how cosy Spa Symphony is, and thoroughly enjoyed the trial chiropractic session within. It was a little confusing for most of us bloggers though. We were invited for V 10 Plus but there was some major hard-selling of the services and facilities of the spa. I’ve decided to just plug them this little bit – since the owner, Leslie Kwok aka national swimmer – is a total hottie.

Okay back to the product.

I remember reading eons ago that V 10 Plus serums are one Fann Wong’s must haves. Did a little bit of research on it but gave up eventually… probably due to laziness. But anyway, here’s proof!

(Click image to enlarge and read.)

All V 10 Plus products are researched, studied and tested to ensure the finest quality are brought to the market.

The captivating story about V 10 started from, Aichi, in Toyota City of Japan, where people face different types of skin problems. The founder, Mrs Akiko Yokota, together with her sister encountered the skin counseling by chance. They were amazed by the results generated by the auto-system which advised them on their skin needs for the first time.

The sisters tried the customized serums and had experienced the miracles of the products to their skin within a month.

Understanding that having beautiful skin is everyone’s dream, Mrs Akiko Yokota strongly believes that having beautiful skin can be a reality using the 10 serums that cater to different skin needs. Hence, she decided to share this wonder with everyone from all parts of the world. Over the years, without doubt the quality of V 10 products had been recognized world-wide and the demand is constantly on the rise. V 10 is currently distributed in Europe, Russia, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

Me likey how each product comes with a tamper proof seal. This pretty pink tube is the Water Based Peeling. Frankly, the name pisses me off. There seems to be a missing “gel” at the end of it and it’s making my inner grammar nazi go bonkers!

This is meant to exfoliate your skin without the usual microbeads that come with most other scrubs/exfoliators.

It’s one of those that start out as a viscous liquid and morphs to visible clumps of dead skin cells as you gently rub it into your skin. This does deliver what it promises – cleaner skin immediately. My skin was smooth to the touch and felt clean without any tautness or soreness. Good job!

But three things about this annoy me some. This gel-liquid thing can be a little hard to control – it just drips everywhere, even from out of the tube, a noticeably larger amount is needed, and the white bits are quite rubbery and can get stuck to my eyebrows and the fine hairs along my hairline.

Other than that, this is a gentle scrub that would be wonderful for people with already inflamed skin.

Price: SGD $58.00 (50ml)

V 10 Plus Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I have really bad photography skills but the bottle is really, really pretty in real life. Their other serums come in rainbow colours so it would be a treat every time you put on your skincare. The founder specifically designed them this way to uplift our moods during our daily skin pampering time. How thoughtful!
It comes with a handy dropper which sucks up a generous amount of liquid each time. Hyaluronic Acid is one of the main components of dermis and horny layer. It can hold 6 liters of water per 1 gram and it works to keep water in the skin.

V 10 PLUS serum has a high reputation of permeability, because it contains lysolecithin (phosphatide), which speeds up the penetration into the skin, as it is the main component of cell membrane.

I must say, this is one of the better moisture serums I have ever reviewed. There are seriously very few skincare products that I try where I don’t have to top up additional moisturizer. No wonder this has won so many awards. It absorbs really quickly as well, and has no awful scent to it. On the other hand, this is a bit pricey though. It’s a very good investment if you have the dough to spare.

Price: SGD $128 (30ml)

This review consists of products from V 10 Plus’s Star Blogger event.


V 10 Plus serums has won plenty of Beauty Awards worldwide by well-known magazines due to the well-accepted products by its customers, and the business had expanded to 15 countries through beauty salons, dermatologist, Pharmacies companies and skin doctors worldwide including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Hong Kong, Philippines, Latvia, Finland, Romania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Australia and USA.

V 10 Plus products are available at Spa Symphony.

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