Bombshell Forever by Victoria’s Secret


Bombshell Forever is a freshly sensual scent that perfectly captures
the sultry glamour of our Supermodels. Inspired by a warm,
lushly fragrant garden, this irresistibly feminine scent is
a provocative addition to the Bombshell collection.

Bombshell Forever hypnotizes with a trio of Boysenberry,
Lavender Flower and Pamplewood. A soft blend of sexy musk
and warm amber lingers enticingly, like sunshine on skin.

The Collection:
Eau De Parfum 50ml & 100ml
Fragrance Mist 250ml
Fragrance Body Lotion 200ml

Tips & Tricks: For longer-lasting fragrance, layer with Bombshell Forever scented body lotion.
Fragrance Type: Fresh
Fragrance Notes: Boysenberry, Lavender Flower and Pamplewood

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