[10 Jun 2013] Manicure Monday

With all the Liquid Sand rage right now, some of my friends and I were searching for a way to DIY this textured technology cos OPI polishes aren’t cheap in Singapore. Alli, from thedailyvarnish.com, found a cheap way to replicate this polish! (All images credited as marked.)

What you’ll need:
1. Embossing powder (You can get it from Spotlight in Singapore)
2. A clear base polish
3. Nail polish of your choice (In this post, it’s New York Color’s Flat Iron Green)

How to do it:
1. Working with one nail at a time, apply your base coat.

2. Liberally sprinkle embossing powder onto the wet polish and gently pat it so it adheres to your nail.
3. Shake off the excess, and wait a couple of minutes to dry. Wash off the powder stuck to your skin and cuticles under cold water.
4. To check if the powder has fully dried, gingerly rub your finger over your nail. It’s done if no powder comes off.
5. Apply your selected nail colour and voila!

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