What we did on our 10th anniversary.

The BF and I celebrated our ten year torment of each other relationship late last month. To be honest, it felt like any other day to the both of us. (If SOMEBODY didn’t forget that we were supposed to go to Japan for our decade anniversary, this post would have been very different….) It’s a little amazing how these 3653 days (must factor in the leap years, he insists) passed by like a breeze. We never thought we would come this far, but we did and we’re both glad.

And no, we’re still not ready for marriage.

We didn’t go any where fancy. Instead, we stayed in and cooked – since his mom hates him cooking at home and my family were all away in Bangkok for the week. Being the boring people we are, we made nothing special either. The only concession to our celebratory meal were champagne and San Pellegrino.

Our very homely meal eaten married couple style – lounging on the floor in the living room. Complete with nosy/greedy dog.

The main dish for dinner was bacon/sun dried tomato linguine in aglio olio style. For some strange reason, the BF bought a pack of prosciutto with nothing to go with it, so I fried two sunny side ups. I found out later that he always wanted to try the dry-cured ham but never got the chance to, and had no idea how it should be eaten. Word to the wise – supermarket purchased prosciutto tastes like wax….

I had soup craving so we heated up a can of good old Campbell’s mushroom soup to go with the two baguettes the BF brought along. The bread’s main purpose was for dipping into the saucer dish you see in my picture. That’s a combination of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We’re both bread lovers and kinda ate an entire loaf while cooking. Needless to say, we had to struggle to finish our meal after gorging on carbo.

We spent the rest of the night watching Running Man and playing Monopoly Deal. I continuously lost. Badly. Like 20-games-in-a-row badly *sulks*

[Disclaimer for our real life friends who read me: no nakedness was involved. We were too tired. One day, all of you will come to the same realization we have – sex really isn’t the mainframe of a relationship.]

Despite our understood “no gifts” rules, we both had something for each other. Our style has always been to IOU birthday, Valentines, Christmas, etc gifts until there’s something that one of us wants/needs. We really don’t see the point of pointlessly spending money just because we have to. Or be on the receiving end of a have-to gift that isn’t really what we desire.

I’ve given up on nicely wrapping his presents cos being the typical male he is, he doesn’t appreciate it. So… taking inspiration from his Christmas gift wrap – which he actually complained about being low class – his anniversary present is a tad better.
I deliberately used Prada ribbons to hold his stuff together to combat his “low class” comment. And who on earth uses a Hermes bracelet as a place holder right? But alas, I was still treated to a =_=” expression. Probably cos I confiscated the ribbons back.

What’s in it: 3 tees, the bracelet and a face wash he was too cheap to buy for himself.

In my defense, I purchased the A&F tees way before the whole hoo-ha about how their products are only for good looking people. Of course I told him that he is no longer eligible to wear those tshirts since he is obviously not in that category. My attempt to take them back failed. He says that his mother claims he’s good looking. Ah.. mothers. The great up-keepers of egos.

As for me, he turned up with this:
I was pretty sure that this was for newly minted mothers of new born baby daughters… I mean like, who gives their girlfriend a teddy bear proclaiming “girl”, right? After some prodding (literally), he confessed that he grabbed the first cute looking bear bouquet he saw off the shelf.

Look, she even wears a diaper.

Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of flowers – which he knows. Buy me a bag or chocolates or even just give me a cash gift instead of pretty blooms that wither away in a couple of days. Which is why this is the tiniest bouquet I have ever received/seen.
I actually like this a lot. The smallness and cuteness of it all just appeals to me.

And so here ends the post commemorating our celebration of ten long years together. I’ll print this out of our keepsake box so we can look at this again in another decade.

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