H.O.P.E Volunteer Day

What is H.O.P.E?
H.O.P.E. (Homeless & Orphan Pets Exists) is a non-profit, no kill shelter that rescues canines and felines regardless of breed or age. To date, they have already rescued approximately 600-700 dogs and cats in total. It’s their practise to  organise community bathing days cum adoption drives to gather all the dog/cat lovers together to help save a fur friend, or to help bath them.

Over flowing with friendly (but stinky) dogs.

Discussing identification system.

Hello cutie-pie! You’re not gonna like me very much soon!

Identify the unwashed dogs by… stamping them with blue ink.

LOL at their blue foreheads.

*Add detangler, anti-tick/flea/mite, fragrance, soap, water etc*

Humans say: It’s bath time!
Dogs think: It’s torture time….

Torture time part two, aka blow dry time.

Nice clean doggy!

A very tiring but rewarding experience. All future volunteers, do bring a mask and an extra set of clothes to change into. The compound stinks unbearably from the mix of mud and dog poo. And the dogs are so happy to see you that they start jumping on you.. with their paws covered with the aforementioned mud and poo.

Check out their Facebook page.

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