Hello Kitty!

Year after year, McDonalds Singapore brings in Hello Kitty plushies for sale. The first time they did it was about 15 years ago I think? The pandemonium that ensued landed our minuscule country in papers all over the world. Meals were bought and discarded, fist fights broke out, a glass door was smashed in the process – all in all it was a very ugly side of “kiasu” Singaporeans. We’re even a marketing case study in a textbook that I used for school.

There hasn’t been much issue with these kitties since then. Personally, I had no problem getting full sets of every series since then. No queuing, no black market buying, nada. But come 2013, history is kinda repeating itself. Welcome Hello Kitty Fairy Tale edition. (They were available in Hong Kong last year though.)

The horrible bit about this year is that there are assholes who purchased oodles of plushies for resale AT EXORBITANT PRICES. At McDees, an additional SGD $4.60 with an extra value meal will get you a kitty. Or a straight SGD $10 for a no meal kitty. These bastards (some of whom are openly selling on McDees Singapore’s Facebook page) are asking for an upwards of SGD $20 per piece.


Fucking 121 grand for a soft toy. Please, pleeeeeeeease do not buy from these unethical resellers. There are people around (like me, ahem) who can get them from China at almost the same price McDonalds was selling them. Let those fuckers keep their Hello Kitties and rot.

But if you desperately need one of them plushies to complete your collection/impress your girlfriend, look here. I’m selling them almost at cost price of what I get from China. Word to the wise though, the ones that come with boxes cost two times more than the plastic baggie ones, I recommend that you just stick with the baggies.

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