5 Beauty Life Hacks

These handy little tips all use things that you probably own already and some of them are real life/time/pain/money savers. You might already know some of these tricks, but a few of them are quite surprising. Share these with your girlfriends!

1. Add saline solution to refresh dried out mascara

Just a few drops will do. Add slowly, and check the consistency ever so often.


2. Use toilet seat covers as oil blotters

Yup you read that right – toilet seat covers as face blotters. Methinks buying a box of these for the home and cutting them into handy sized squares will save you a hell lot of money. Stash some in the kitchen to wipe up oily stoves too!


3. Use Scotch tape or clear nail polish to relieve an insect bite.

Blocking oxygen from getting into the bite will make it stop itching.


4. Use Earl Grey teabags for a sunburn

Wrap a couple of cool undrained teabags in a rag you don’t mind getting stained and place it on your burn.


5. Keep your clothes clean in your luggage bag.

Stuff them in a shower cap! (And you can always steal some shower caps from the hotel rooms…..)

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